kaprizov birthday

с днём бля рождения Kirill Kaprizov!

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On this day in 1997 (the Year of Our Lord) our sweet, sweet Soviet Savior was born. Fast forward 24 years, Kaprizov now is the pride and joy of an entire NHL Franchise, the father of another, and a Calder Trophy favorite despite what the haters and trolls will tell you. Not to mention the Wild rookie records he now holds for goals, goal streak, points, and wholesomeness/60. Happy Birthday, Kirill Kaprizov!

Seriously, this kid is special so today, in honor of his birthday, anytime a Stars fan tries you with that tired “BUT ROBERTSON IS ONLY 21 HE SHOULD WIN THE CALDER” politely remind them that they’re on the outside looking in of a playoff spot they got their doors blown off by the fucking Red Wings.

And as a birthday present from 10K to you, please enjoy this megathread of every Kaprizov goal this year, courtesy of @HeresYourReplay. And also enjoy some other highlights, courtesy of a friend of the program, and Here’s Your Replay’s arch-nemesis @SpokedZ.

We all are, Bubba.