10,000 Takes Trust Tree Vol. 2

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Hello friends. I’m back, and I have some more things I’d like to get off my chest. A stream of consciousness that will hopefully make me feel better. These are just things that have bothered me or things I’d like out in the open. That’s right, we’re back for another round of the 10,000 Takes Trust Tree.


Now… I know that Subway is trash. It is a stop gap when you are absolutely starving or happen to be in a town where it’s the only option. There have been many stories about the quality or lack thereof of the ingredients that are used by Subway but still I have a sub once every 6 months. I remember the days where 2 oven roasted chicken footlongs were $9! I went into a subway a few days ago, got a steak and cheese footlong and a bag of chips, my total? Nearly $18! On top of that, they now have the tip feature before you pay. That is a rant for another day. Subway can clearly afford to pay their employees more without my tip if they are charging $18 for a sandwich.


This is one tough to write. But that’s why we’re in the trust tree. Here goes. My best friend died on his honeymoon in June of 2018. I didn’t seek any professional help to address how I was feeling. The only time I talk about him is sharing old snapchat memories with other friends. While I know that isn’t healthy, maybe our brain can unknowingly help us grieve.

A few nights ago I had a dream where I was just sitting in a car with my buddy talking. I don’t remember much of the dream except me sitting there telling him how hard it has been since he died. I woke up crying but suddenly felt a sense of relief. I don’t know much about the process it takes to come to terms with someone’s death but maybe this is a solid first step, even if it took nearly 5 years.

Gate Keeping Fans

The Minnesota Timberwolves have sucked since KG left, that’s a straight fact. Since then, the fan base has gone through a litany of no names and washed up All-Stars. I enjoy just listing former players so let me cook for a second. Sit back and see if you remember any of these guys.

Randy Foye, Gerald Green, Rashad McCants, Brian Cardinal, Ryan Hollins, Dark Milicic, Ramon Sessions, Alando Tucker, Brad Miller, Anthony Randolph, Luke Ridnour, Martell Webster, Sean Kilpatrick, Thad Young, Robbie Hummel and many many others.

The reason I have a gripe with longtime fans being gatekeepers to the ones who joined the “pack” when we got “good” is that we should just be happy the squad is decent. We spent years and years complaining that no one would show up to games. Why would they? Just look at the names I listed, would you make the trek to Bullseye Center to watch a 15-67 outfit? Just be happy that the Wolves are good and be more happy that people finally care about them again.