10,000 Takes Trust Tree

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We need to set up an online trust tree of sorts. A place where like minded individuals can confess anonymously to their most wild takes without any backlash. I will start and obviously won’t be anonymous, but all it takes is one person to admit their issues and everyone will feel safe.

Gas Station Coffee

I have no idea how to make it. I love the concept of my coffee being like $1.19 and delicious but I have no idea how to make it taste the same as the places that charge $6. My order isn’t complicated. I like a lighter roast, maybe a shot of caramel or vanilla and plenty of sugar. While that seems easy enough, I have attempted to make my own gas station coffee 20+ times and it has never turned out. I know our site has had many blogs about the gas station but none have taught me how to make the perfect cup.

Eagles Nest

I waste entirely too much toilet paper making the Eagles Nest. For those of you who have regular movement or aren’t crippled by digestive issues the Eagles Nest is an essential move to hygienic bathroom visits. It consists of laying out paper thin TP in order to avoid any bodily fluids that may have been left by the previous guy.

Think this, but the paper outlines the toilet bowl. Yeah

There is no general rule of thumb on how much TP you can use, but I go OVERBOARD. No less than half a roll will be used and no one can shame me about it.

(side confession) I’m sure that those that have IBS or any digestive issue can attest, once you have a blowout you quickly learn where the clean public bathrooms are and which places to avoid. Libraries = good. Single stall/unisex bathroom = nightmare city.

Disney Movies

This might be the toughest confession I’ve ever had to make. I have never seen any of the early Disney movies. Lion King? Never seen it. Aladdin? Never seen it. The Little Mermaid? Nope. Toy Story 1-4? Nope. Now, you can’t really blame me. Our family didn’t get our first TV until the 2002 NHL All Star game and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. My parents came to America in 1991 and we were so poor we split single Ramen packs between 5 people and ate Kix Cereal until 2004 when we finally got off food stamps. So, no, I haven’t seen those movies. By time I had access to them I was 15. And at 15, I wasn’t about to watch a movie about a floating rug.

If you have any confessions you’d like to submit just leave it in the comments under this blog. Alternative solution; find me on Twitter @dchindchin.