10K BETS: College Football Future WHALE Plays

Football Gambling

As week 12 approaches I have dipped into a couple college football futures that I find have incredible value still and will be making these WHALE plays. I like to wait just a little pass the halfway mark thru the season to evaluate teams. I will then strike on some futures that still have some value left. The Ducks leave me no choice but to throw a WHALE down.

Three WHALE plays that I very much enjoy and think now is the right time to place them before their games on a Saturday. Two are to win their conference championships. One to make the college football playoffs as well as a National Championship sprinkle.

SammyStats Best Bets

Michigan +130 to win the Big Ten Championship. (WHALE)

It’s no secret that Michigan is one of the best teams in college football despite their schedule so far being relatively soft. They have proven that they can pretty much do whatever they want with their ground game and mixing in their passing attack. However, I believe that the defense is truly their bread and butter. The front 4 are terrific almost always getting pressure on their opponents. The linebackers, defensive backs and safeties are all very fast and talented. I just cannot justify them being underdogs to win the big 10 championship.

Don’t get me wrong, Ohio State is very good. However, in their few key wins I saw some flaws from their opponents which in some ways helped them win the game. As an example, ND had Ohio State dead in the water. A miracle drive with less than a minute left resulting in a walkoff touchdown. ND only had 9 guys on the field for the final play from the 1 yard line certainly plays a factor. Again, Ohio State is a good team but I can’t justify them being favorites over Michigan especially with how the wolverines have dominated them the past 2 seasons.

With all that being said, I will gladly throw a whale on Michigan +130 to win the Big 10 Championship.

Oregon +175 to make the College Football Playoff (WHALE) & +1400 to Win National Championship

This this is far too juicy for me to pass up. Oregon’s only loss came to Washington playing in a hostile environment. Even with those factors, I believe the better team lost the game. I’d bet they will win the rematch on a neutral field for the Pac-12 Championship. Following that win, I think their resumé is strong enough to make the CFP. I’ve watched a good amount of Oregon football and I can tell you they are in my opinion a top 3 team in the country. I have them better than Florida State & Ohio State. The most dangerous thing about Oregon is their high-powered offense. They can seemingly score at will against any defense they play. We saw this when they went into Utah last weekend and blew them out by 30 points. This Oregon football team is no joke. I will gladly throw 2 unit whale plays on the +175 (Make CFP) and a unit on the +1400 (National Championship)

Crimson Tide +165 to Win SEC Championship (WHALE)

Bama will be facing an undefeated Georgia Bulldog team who has been ranked #1 the entire year before this past week. I can see chaos partaking with the College Football Committee yet again when Alabama beats Georgia in the SEC Championship giving both teams 1 loss. I think Georgia will be in the college football playoff regardless of outcome.  The Tide will need to try and make a case to also be selected. However, I personally think it’s doubtful. The 10-point loss to Texas in Tuscaloosa was the nail in the coffin.

These two teams have recently split during the regular season. One of them seems to always get their revenge in the SEC Championship game on a neutral field. All that being said, I’ll gladly jump on Alabama +165 to W

in SEC Championship but personally would not jump to take their odds to make the college football playoffs.