10K Bets: Dallas Mavs to Win the NBA Finals (+190)

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Alright folks, heartbreaker I know. The Wolves were in many ways outplayed in the Western Conference Finals and it absolutely sucks. I’m sure many of you just like myself thought this was gonna be the year. I pictured the parade in downtown Minneapolis countless times. The whole thing sucks but it is what it is. The Timberwolves should have a set team for a while now. Edwards will only get better. The future of this Wolves basketball team is bright.


As many already predicted… Yes, the Boston Celtics dominated the Eastern Conference. I, however, don’t understand this line and I find far too much value in the Dallas Mavs here. Getting almost 2/1 odds on Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving seems like a crime. I will gladly take it and run. It’s very obvious what those two closers are capable of doing in big-time games. Not to mention Porzingus’ status for the Celtics is pretty questionable which is a huge blow. The Celtics will have to depend on Al Horford who’s like 88 years old, and I just don’t think that’s super sustainable despite the success he’s had this postseason.

The Dallas Mavs have shown that Gafford and Lively can both log valuable minutes and give themselves a great chance to win. I expect the Mavs to split the first 2 games in Boston which will shrink that series line down. Another factor I think is key in this series is who would you rather trust? Doncic & Kyrie or Brown & Tatum? Me? I’m taking Doncic & Kyrie.

Again, I search for value when handicapping and find there’s just far too much here in the Mavs who have been the underdog in pretty much every series. I’ll also be looking to hop back in on the mass if they go down 0-2 in the series.

Hope everyone enjoys the NBA Finals & Always wager responsibly.

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