10K BETS: Real Madrid to WIN the Champions League, Book it


As many of you know, we at 10K Bets follow a plethora of sports and if you have 2 minutes I can give ya a slam dunk winner.

I’m sure many of you don’t pay attention to European soccer but in my opinion in some of the most electric shit I’ve ever followed. All that being said, the Champions League is combined with the best 4 teams from 6 different professional soccer leagues in Europe to crown the best of the best. This is like the Super Bowl for the NFL or the Stanley Cup for the NHL. The Champions League is the most sought-after trophy in European Soccer.

For those who are not aware, the Champions League are 2 game rounds. Teams play 1 home game and 1 away game against each other. Whoever has scored the most goals after the 2nd game moves on to the next round. It’s called an aggragete system which evidently is fairly popular in European soccer.

Real Madrid’s certified STUD

The Final Four teams remaining in the Champions League are Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, and last but not least, Paris St. Germain. As a big soccer fan, I’ve become quite familiar with all these teams in the last few years.

Real Madrid to win the Champions League (+120)

Real Madrid is the best team in this Final Four. They’ve also had incredible success in the Champions League winning 14 times. Real is a powerhouse and currently holds a 36-game unbeaten streak in games throughout all of their league play. Madrid plays a certain brand of soccer that makes it incredibly hard for their opponents to adjust. Real Madrid plays a suffocating defense which transitions to a high-powered offense. Real Madrid has been playing terrific coming off a series win vs Manchester City. City is arguably the best team in the world. Madrid tied their first leg on the road at Bayern Munich 2-2. They now will be playing at home to advance to the Champions League finals. I think (+125) is a fantastic number on this futures bet. I would play this number up to -130 with how it currently stands.

If you are a soccer fan, these next couple weeks should be very fun. Enjoy and always wager responsibly.

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