10K BETS: The San Francisco 49ers Are Winning The Superbowl

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Alright folks, by the title I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m about to speak on. I’ve gambled on probably every team in the NFL this year and it’s time to just say it. The 49ers are winning this year’s Superbowl. No need to wait anymore to hopefully get better value. Right now is your time.

SammyStats Best Bet

The 49ers are currently +250 to hoist the Lombardi Trophy and I’m telling you right now they are going to Win. This is a 5 unit mega whale and I couldn’t be more confident. 49ers are by far and when I say ‘’By Far’’ I mean By Fuckin Far the best team in the NFL. Honestly, it’s not particularly close. They have the best offense in the league and it’s really not up for debate either. The O line and D Line are game changers and seem to just swallow up any opponent on any given week. It truly feels like stealing at +250. Sure, you can say well what about the Chiefs? Bills? Eagles? Cowboys? Ravens? I’m telling you it’s not close. ITS NOT FUCKIN CLOSE.

The 49ers will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs and it only gives them more of an advantage… as if they need it. The books should have the 49ers at minus money these days. It’s truly a hilarious crime you can get 2.5 times on your wager. No, I am not a financial advisor. No, I cannot predict the future. However, trust me. One gambler to another, this is what I would call free money brought to you by none other than Sammy Stats.

These are wagers I don’t place without many hours of watching the NFL and I could not be more confident in this place right here and right now. Get off the phone, put down your coffee, I don’t care but place your bet today and call me when it hits.