We’re Bringing Back The 10K Bracket Challenge And There’s Already Controversy

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So we’re doing a 10K Bracket Challenge again. I am running it. I will also be periodically doing written reviews and analysis of the various blogs. After one day, here are the standings.

  • T-1 Sarge
  • T-1 Dev
  • T-1 Voss***
  • T-4 CDubs
  • T-4 Johsie
  • T-6 Veech
  • T-6 Lancman
  • T-8 Awes
  • T-8 Lucast
  • T-8 Renz
  • T-11 Mike Brown
  • T-11 Marlow
  • 13 Journalist Jake
  • 14 Josh Burns
10K Bracket Challenge standings after Day 1 of the 2024 March Madness tournament

Some important, notable highlights from the first 24 hours of the 10K Bracket Challenge;

First, Voss subbed out her bracket about 8 hours into the games. That’s some sketchy, at best, behavior. So she will have an asterisk the whole way through. We will also accept reader-submitted suggestions for what to do with her. To send it to us, sign up for the mailbag and email us back! Or comment on the blog. You can also send us suggestions on social media. Or a carrier pigeon. Just please don’t show up randomly to anyone’s houses. That would be weird.

Secondly, Journalist Jake’s bracket hit the toilet and he immediately decided to pivot his attention away to the Twins. I won’t share the screenshots yet but he’s very upset at how bad he is at picking out brackets. Gopher Hoops!

Thirdly, no offense to this person, but who is Josh Burns? There’s a lot of folks at 10K and I know I haven’t met everyone but I am not at all familiar with your game. Which makes sense since you’re in dead last right now. Hit me up, my guy.

Fourthly, Marlow wins best bracket name. Not so close second, Journalist Jake, then Johsie. Last place Voss. Cheating and using a generic ESPNFAN69420 bracket name? For shame.

Lastly, only one person’s Champ is out. Sucks to suck Mike Brown and Kentucky. Man, that was the funniest game of the day, wasn’t it?

March Madness rules. We’ll update this periodically. I wanted to get this one out ASAP but in the future I will take my time and post updates with deeper analysis and stuff. Trust me, you will want to be in on this series. I’ll likely post the next one on Monday after we’ve had a chance for the dust to settle from what is sure to be a weekend of chaotic madness.

And while you’re here, sign up for the Mailbag. Happy Madness!

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