10K Is Doing An NCAA Frozen Four Bracket Challenge and You Need To Join It

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Hey. You there. Hey. You there, you there. You probably already know this since you clicked on the link, but we’re doing an NCAA Frozen Four Bracket Challenge and you’re invited to compete with us!

10k Frozen Four Bracket Challenge

Do you think you know puck? Maybe you’ve read all of Veech’s Cawlidge Hawkey recaps and previews? Or you just like the idea of free prizes? If you said yes to any of those, you absolutely need to sign up for the BettorEdge 10K Frozen Four Bracket Challenge.

What are the prizes you ask? Great question! The best way to find out is to sign up. I am personally working on making it so that anyone who beats Veech in this wins $20. We will see if that works.

Veech neither confirms nor denies that he will give $20 to whomever beats him in the 10K Frozen Four Bracket Challenge

As you can see, he never explicitly says no. The rest of the prizes will be officially announced later today so you should absolutely sign up and get the best teams before this gets too big and you can’t pick them.

Actually, I’m being told that’s not how this works and you can, in fact, pick all teams regardless of when you sign up. But you’re here now so you should just click here, sign up, that way you don’t forget to do it later. That would stink.

From the time of this posting, you will have about 24 hours to sign up. Final entries are due by March 28th at 2:00pm. Get it done. We’ll see you on the other side. And good luck. Hopefully, there’s less controversy with this one than with our internal basketball bracket challenge.

And, hey, while you’re here, sign up for the mailbag. Sarge works really hard on it and the next one is coming out very soon. It’s very easy and makes you more sexually appealing to everyone.

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