10K Profile - Andy

10K Profile – Andy


10K Profile - Andy
The focus of the 4th 10K Profile – Andy

For the 4th edition of 10K Profile, I harassed (Former) Producer Andy until he answered some of my hard hitting questions.

Andy is the self-proclaimed 7th longest tenured member of the 10,000 Takes organization. I can’t verify that, but somehow he has been able to. Since being replaced by Producer Cam as the full-time producer of “It’s a Bit”, Andy has gone on to other ventures within the company. He currently is responsible for reaching out to guests to have them on our various shows. Needless to say, Andy has done a pretty damn good job at that.

He also takes a lot of shit from everyone at 10K. Like, I mean a lot of shit. He’s a great sport about it though, which only makes everyone do it more… All jokes aside, Andy is fucking awesome and a great person to be around. We all love him in our own ways.

Enough backstory, let’s get er goin’.

Question 1 – How did you get involved with 10K?

“So, I knew Bossman because he was a couple years older than me at the same high school and through following him on social media. I saw him posting about 10K Takes. And so, I dm’d the main account and asked if they were interested in bringing other people on”.

Question 2 – What were you originally brought on to do and how has that changed?

“I was initially brought on as a camera guy for any videos that went on. Skit videos, and just overall camera guy. Then it went into being a producer for It’s a Bit/getting guests for what was the Minnesota Rundown at the time with Jake. As well as getting guests for It’s a Bit. And now I still get guests for the various podcasts we have”.

Question 3 – Do you have a favorite memory or moment in your time with 10K?

“Probably Jake getting drunk on the sota stream and passing out on the couch behind us as the stream is live. Or any of the events that 10K has been apart of”.

Question 4 – What’s the deal with not wanting to give baseballs to children?

“Started out as a bit. The outfielder clearly tossed the ball to me. When he could’ve easily gave it to any kid. Then I got pressured into giving it to a kid. And now I’m out a fucking baseball. Would’ve been the first one I ever got”.

Andy getting grilled for being a dick to children

Question 5 – Is it true that you get nervous around females guests?

“No simply nothing more than a bit and for a laugh”.

** This is 100% false. Ask any person who has been around Andy and a female. **

The OG Its A Bit Crew with Alexis Pearson

Question 6 – What went into your Top 10K employee list?

“It was a very well thought out 2 hour process from start to finish. The first hour was getting everyone’s Twitter. Then it went into how much they have done for the company/how much time they put in. No help from any outside sources. Strictly myself. I did the right thing by not including myself. Everyone would’ve thought the list was fraud at that point”.

**You heard it here first on 10K Profile, Andy is a fucking fraud**

Andy’s Top 10K Employee List

Question 7 – Do you miss Bubba?

“No. He didn’t like me very much. Too fat”.

Question 8 – I recall on an episode of “It’s a Bit”, you roasted Jake relentlessly. Why?

“He always deserves it. He genuinely believes he’s Kirk Cousins or works for the gophers. Neither are true”.

Andy gets his revenge on Journalist Jake