Bubba is the focus of the first edition of "10K Profile". His manic, self destructive behavior created content that brought hundreds of people joy in his time with 10K Takes.

10K Profile – Bubba

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Bubba is the focus of the first edition of "10K Profile". His manic, self destructive behavior created content that brought hundreds of people joy in his time with 10K Takes.
Bubba has a beautiful smile

In my time with 10,000 Takes, I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting many people from all walks of life. But one individual stands out amongst the rest for a variety of reasons. That person? Bubba

** I did not ask how or why his time at 10K ended. While I know what happened, I did not want to have that on record. Bubba is a manic individual. If it was made public, I would suffer the same fate as Journalist Jake did in the Vegas hotel room in 2022… we don’t talk about that. **

For those of you who have been a fan of 10K from early on, you know who I’m referring to. For those of you who have been following us for less than 14 months, this may be your first introduction to the man, the myth, the legend, Alex “Bubba” Parkos.

In order to truly enjoy this, you will need to know a little bit about Bubba and how he got started with 10K. I could just give you a brief rundown, but he was nice enough to share some things with me for this blog. I had the chance to ask him some questions and he answered in typical fashion.

The following are all direct quotes from the larger than life man.

Q and A with Bubba

This is what peak performance should look like

“Bubba, tell me about how you got started with 10K”

Bubba: “I have been bestfriends with Zane and Jake since Jr. High. I met Jack Leverentz at Und where zane went to college. They started an unfiltered sports media company in late summer early fall of 2019. Jake and Zane originally offered me a spot to do the outdoors bit and I did it for maybe a week or two. Then I said fuck it I want to do my own podcast called The Bubba Breakdown. That lasted maybe two three months or so. Then I started to do paranormal shit and competitively eating”

** Bubba competitively eating or some shit **

“Tell me a bit about your time with 10K”

Bubba: “My time at 10k Takes was magical and sensual lol. I made life long friends and got closer with my bestfriends. For the most part I am happy with the work I did for the bit contentwise and networkingwise. Eating gross shit to smashing beer cans on my head. I dont have any regrets. I do wish however I would have handle somethings better to make less stress for Jack (Bossman), Zane (Wags) and Jake (Journalist Jake) because yes I was a pain in the ass to work with on somethings. The one and only thing that I do miss about making content and being apart of the Take is hanging out with my bestfriends everyday after work. But I am very proud of the fellas at the Take. And support them fully. Except for Elias Peterson. He’s a cocksucker”


“What was your favorite but from your time with the take?”

Bubba: “My favorite bit was going to Zanes cabin and doing the Beer olympics. Just a fun shit show with some of the guys from the Take in its first year. But the video never got released. And I think the obvious one was our first trip to Vegas. Lol Bossman was mad at me because I jacked off in his living room the night before we left to go to Vegas. But I redeemed myself. Me being the fucking insane genious networker that I am got a hold of our good friend Dean Blandino and we linked up with Deano in Vegas. I can speak for the boys who went on that trip it was one of the best times of our lives”.

Bubba’s Discography

Now that you’ve either been introduced to or reacclimated with Bubba, we get to dive into his diverse discography. And boy do I mean diverse.

From food challenges to investigating the paranormal, Bubba has done it all. Some more manic than others…

These are the best bits/videos that Bubba was apart of in his time with 10K Takes.


Bubba post-eating challenge bullying Jake the Milf Hunter
See Bubba demolish the MOAB Burger with ease
This is what I think of now whenever Bubba says he’s working
Manic Bubba is a dangerous Bubba
Newflash: Bubba doesn’t give a shit if what he says is graphic
“Listen, Jake! You can run but you can’t hide”
Bubba drives like this normally so this is an accurate bit
Bubba’s short lived interest in the paranormal
Bubba aint having that shit
Bubba attempts to abduct a grown man on a bike

Want more of Bubba? (If you said yes, you may need a psych evaluation)

Those were just a handful of videos that I feel can paint a perfect picture of just who Bubba really is and what he did with the take.

If you want more Bubba, he can be found on one of his many fucking twitter accounts because he can’t seem to keep himself from getting banned. His current one is @ufobubba on twitter. You can also scroll through the 10K tik tok account for older bits and videos of him or look through the main twitter account!