Jake, Jack, Billy G, Marlow, and Zane!

10K Profile – Marlow


For the 2nd edition of 10K Profile, I had the opportunity to pick the brain of one of 10,000 Takes most quick witted, creative individuals.

At 10K takes, we for the most part NEVER call anyone by their first name (unless your name is Andy and well… you know why). Everyone should know him by now, but I’d like to introduce to everyone, Marlow!

(Left to Right) JJ, Bossman, Bill Guerin, and Wagz!

Marlow does a variety of things with 10K. From clothing design, to our sports betting show with Producer Cam and Renz, 10K Bets.

From day 1, I’ve known Marlow to be (easily) the most creative individual I have ever met. Not only is his beard cool as shit, his art work and ideas are otherworldly. Take a look for yourself.

Marlow’s Wild Hangover artwork
Marlow’s 10K Bets artwork
Marlow’s Gopher Football inspired art work

The dude does most of this on his phone too. That’s fucking talent. Most of us at 10K don’t have that… which is why we write blogs about people that do. But not only is he talented, he’s just a great, genuine dude.

Marlow was nice enough to answer some questions that I had about his time here at 10,000 Takes and about some other things!

Question 1 – How did you get started with 10,000 Takes?

Marlow: “So funny enough I only found 10k from an event they did for a Minnesota Wild watch Party with the Minnesotan. I knew Corey and just literally happened to stumble across them. I applied to be a blogger with a “Zach Parise is a piece of shit” blog but had zero interest in blogging at all. Came in and wrote like 2 hockey blogs, and started making video content and expanded from there.”


Question 2 – What’s been the best part being with 10K?

Marlow: “Shit, that’s a great question. Obviously the sports guy response would be my teammates, but honestly I dislike the majority. 😂 but it’s pretty much getting to make/do whatever I want with a platform to back me up. You obviously have to show that you have a good plan/can do it, like I’m allowed to do a golf YouTube show coming up, and everyone knows I fucking suck at golf (despite being a back to back 2nd place finisher at our charity golf outings with Give16, but who’s counting?) but I have the freedom to do so it’s pretty fucking cool.”

Question 3 – Favorite 10K moment so far?

Marlow: “Torn on this one. It’s either meeting Billy G, or Meeting Jon Hamm (not to be weird but that dude smells great, not weird though.) if I want to get weird and cheesy, I took on/started our merch train by throwing out an odd Billy Goat design and watched it take off into a large amount of sales for us. No lie the best thing in the world is running into someone who is wearing your design like this dude I ran into randomly at a bar in Duluth.”

Marlow running into a random person wearing his shirt! How fucking cool

Question 4 – Favorite bit and why was it changing your middle name?

Marlow changed his name!!!

Marlow: “Haha the MichGolden bit I fucking love. I was dumb proud of the video I made around it on our YouTube too. Honestly, it was likely our live shows that we do, specifically the wild watch party we had at eagle street. We had a shit ton of 10k people there, but the bar was packed and par for the course: only one microphone worked. So instead of doing the awkward mic passing bit, I just kinda took it, ragged on some people at the bar, hosted the beer chugging contest and we had an absolute blast. There is something about being in control on a sound system with a packed bar. Listening gets you a half chub. No little blue pill needed.”

Question 5 – Any other middle name choices before deciding on MichGolden?

Marlow: “This one is a funny one, we have a shit ton of funny people at 10k. When I first asked Booljack (host of our best pod, yeah I said it. The has-Beens) tossed out the suggestion “allmyhomieshatecelinedion” and I genuinely LOVED that one. The real story is that I forgot that I was changing my legal name until 6 hours before. So I hucked out in our 10k chat about changing it to MichGolden, but I spelt it McGolden. Luckily, my cohost Renz SEWERED ME and said “dumbass it’s not a McDonald’s sandwich” so I spelt it correct in hopes to land an official sponsorship.”