10K Sunday Bets: Conference Championship Edition

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From now until the end of the NFL season, we’re gonna host a roundtable here at 10,000 Takes. Each week, we’ll take a handful of the best games on the NFL slate and give our picks on the money line, spread, and over-under.

Two huge games are on the slate for this weekend, with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

After 4 weeks, Dev is still in the lead. Moral of the story: when Dev picks the underdog…..ride with it.

PlayerOverall (%)MoneylineSpreadOver/Under

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s games and the picks.

TB Buccaneers (+3.5) at GB Packers (O/U 51) (2:00 PM)

Mathman’s Picks: Packers ML, Packers -3.5, O51

Bates’ Picks: Packers ML, Packers -3.5, O51

Bates’s Reasoning: Brady is out to prove he can still play and with GB this should be a high scoring game. I want to pick TB but I think GB does enough late through the ground game to pull out the victory. 

AJ’s Picks: Packers ML, Packers -3.5, U51

Zooch’s Picks: Packers ML, Bucs +3.5, O51

Cam’s Picks: Packers ML, Packers -3.5, O51

Veech’s Picks: Bucs ML, Bucs +3.5, U51

Lancman’s Picks: Packers ML, Bucs +3.5, U51

Dev’s Picks: Packers ML, Packers -3.5, U51

Dev’s Reasoning: Rodgers revenge game for the Packers. He threw 5 picks all year, two were against TB. I hate picking them but I really do think they’re the better (read: more consistent) team. It’s hard to bet against Brady, who might surprise us and has been very good lately, but ultimately I think GB is a better team. Hate the 3.5 line though, wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucs cover.

10K Consensus: Packers ML (7-1), Packers -3.5 (5-3), Tie O/U (4-4)

Buffalo Bills (+3) at KC Chiefs (O/U 53.5) (5:40 PM)

Mathman’s Picks: Bills ML, Bills +3, U53.5

Bates’ Picks: Chiefs ML, Bills +3, O53.5

Bates’s Reasoning: I expect a hard played game from both teams with Mahomes doing just enough late to pull out with a victory. Also, don’t listen to any of my betting advice. I’m an outdoorsman who bets on the biggest fish of the day, not putting my life savings on O/U’s.

AJ’s Picks: Chiefs ML, Chiefs -3, U53.5

Zooch’s Picks: Chiefs ML, Chiefs -3, O53.5

Cam’s Picks: Bills ML, Bills +3, U53.5

Veech’s Picks: Chiefs ML, Chiefs -3, O53.5

Lancman’s Picks: Chiefs ML, Chiefs -3, O53.5

Dev’s Picks: Chiefs ML, Chiefs -3, O53.5

Dev’s Reasoning: From what we are hearing Mahomes is supposedly at 100%. Josh Allen and the Bills offense are really good but the Chiefs are just a bit better. Would not surprise me one bit if the Bills win, but I have a hard time betting against Andy Reid & Mahomes. Chiefs have covered once since week 10 but a lot of that has been garbage time backdoor covers on large spreads.

10K Consensus: Chiefs ML (6-2), Chiefs -3 (5-3), O53.5 (5-3)