10K Sunday Bets: Roundtable

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From now until the end of the NFL season, we’re gonna host a roundtable here at 10,000 Takes. Each week, we’ll take a handful of the best games on the NFL slate and give our picks on the money line, spread, and over-under.

As our horrible picks accumulate, I will keep track of everyone’s record in each category and the overall best bettor. The worst bettor might have a punishment, but we can figure that out later (I’m open to submissions).

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s games and the picks.

SF 49ers (+5) at Arizona Cardinals (O/U 48.5) (3:30 PM Saturday)

Mathman’s Picks: Cardinals ML, 49ers +5, O48.5

Mathman’s reasoning: I think AZ will come out on top in this one, but I see it being pretty close. I like Kyler Murray’s electricity so I’d go with the over.

Bates’ Picks: Cardinals ML, Cardinals -5, O48.5

Bates’ reasoning: I’ll take the over here once again. If the 9ers let CJ Beathard play the over will be no problem. That guy can sling it. Would not pick them to cover though. Cards should keep the point gap big the whole game.

AJ’s Picks: Cardinals ML, Cardinals -5, O48.5

AJ’s reasoning: Interesting matchup we have on Saturday afternoon. Not only could this matchup be way better if the Niners didn’t have half their team on IR, but this is the first game to ever be broadcast exclusively on Amazon Prime. I’m taking Arizona, Kyler Murray is back after a rough few weeks recovering from a shoulder sprain. That and the Niners actually suck. I’m probably gonna take the Cards to beat the spread, but I would not be surprised if San Fran found a way to cover. The O/U is interesting, because Arizona can put up 30 no problem, while the 49ers offense has been a Who’s Who all season. I’m gonna take the over for this one.

Zooch’s Picks: Cardinals ML, 49ers +5, U48.5

Cam’s Picks: Cardinals ML, Cardinals -5, O48.5

Veech’s Picks: 49ers ML, 49ers +5, U48.5

Lancman’s Picks: Cardinals ML, Cardinals -5, U48.5

10K Consensus: Cardinals ML (6-1), Cardinals -5 (4-3), O48.5 (4-3)

Indianapolis Colts (-2) at Pittsburgh Steelers (O/U 44) (12PM Sunday)

Mathman’s Picks: Colts ML, Colts -2, O44

Mathman’s reasoning: Pittsburgh has looked brutal lately, and Indy is a strong team; I don’t see them dropping this one, even if it is in Pittsburgh. The Colts games always hit the over, so let’s go with that.

Bates’ Picks: Colts ML, Colts -2, O44

Bates’ reasoning: Pick the over and the Colts. The Steelers are just awful these days.

AJ’s Picks: Colts ML, Colts -2, U44

AJ’s reasoning: If you would have asked me 3 weeks ago who wins this game, I would have answered Pittsburgh in a heartbeat. Now? I feel like the Colts could actually run them out of the division lead. If you can move the ball even remotely against Pittsburgh, you got ’em. And boy, can Indy pound that rock! I’m taking Bossman’s squad the Colts, although I really hope the Steelers can show some life. Colts will cover and I feel like this game might be a 23-20 type deal, so I’ll take the under.

Zooch’s Picks: Steelers ML, Steelers +2, U44

Cam’s Picks: Colts ML, Colts -2, O44

Veech’s Picks: Steelers ML, Steelers +2, O44

Lancman’s Picks: Steelers ML, Steelers +2, O44

10K Consensus: Colts ML (4-3), Colts -2 (4-3), O44 (5-2)

Carolina Panthers (-1) at Washington FT (O/U 42.5) (3:00 PM Sunday)

Mathman’s Picks: Washington ML, Washington +1, U42.5

Mathman’s reasoning: Washington is gonna make a push for their division, and the Panthers have been brutal all season. Washington games tend to be low scoring, so I’m going with the under.

Bates’ Picks: Washington ML, Washington +1, U42.5

Bates’ reasoning: I’ll pick the under and the Football Team to get the upset here. Garbage teams in a garbage game. Also I can’t be the only one who sees WFT and thinks WTF, right??

AJ’s Picks: Washington ML, Washington +1, O42.5

AJ’s reasoning: The Football Team has been a pleasant surprise in this ugly year. That line is close to Steel Curtain, Purple People Eaters level. Just watch, Chase Young will be the next LT. No CMC for Carolina so I definitely gotta ride with Washington here. Going to hit on the over here. The WFT typically doesn’t put up a ton of points in their wins, but I see this being a pretty competitive game with everyone scoring over 20 no problem.

Zooch’s Picks: Washington ML, Washington +1, O42.5

Cam’s Picks: Washington ML, Washington +1, O42.5

Veech’s Picks: Panthers ML, Panthers -1, U42.5

Lancman’s Picks: Panthers ML, Panthers -1, O42.5

10K Consensus: Washington ML (5-2), Washington +1 (5-2), O42.5 (4-3)

Tennessee Titans (+3.5) at GB Packers (O/U 55) (7:20 PM Sunday)

Mathman’s Picks: GB ML, Tennessee +3.5, O55

Mathman’s reasoning: I don’t see Green Bay losing this one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came down to a last-second field goal, so I’ll take Tennessee with the points. These two teams have some pretty powerful offenses, so I took the over.

Bates’ Picks: Tennessee ML, Tennessee +3.5, O55

Bates’ reasoning: The over should be achieved very easily here. A lot of offense and no defense. GBs run defense will look awful against King Henry. Give me the Titans covering the spread.

AJ’s Picks: Titans ML, Titans +3.5, U55

AJ’s reasoning: This is definitely gonna be game of the weekend. Going Tennessee in this one because fuck Green Bay, but I also believe King Henry is gonna run for at least 200 on the Packers’ poor ass run D. Did y’all know the Titans are the #1 offense in the NFL? Hard to beat that. I will pick them to cover the 3.5 just cause I’m feeling pretty confident, although I feel like this could be a grinder game so I’m hitting that under for sure.

Zooch’s Picks: GB ML, GB -3.5, O55

Cam’s Picks: Titans ML, Titans +3.5, U55

Veech’s Picks: GB ML, GB -3.5, O55

Lancman’s Picks: GB ML, GB -3.5, O55

10K Consensus: GB ML (4-3), Titans +3.5 (4-3), O55 (5-2)

Lock of the Week

Cardinals ML (6-1)

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