10K x MN Wild: World Record Cup Snake

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The World Record for largest Cup Snake has been broken…again. On Tuesday night, 10K Takes partnered with the Minnesota Wild to create the record breaking monster. This wasn’t our first rodeo, but it was certainly the biggest…erm LONGEST!

Leading up to the event, the anticipation was building. Each snake that had been dreamed up, planned, and constructed had dwarfed the last, so expectations were high. With our biggest partner to date in the Minnesota Wild supporting the cause, the team started putting in work to spread the word and rally the troops.

In an effort to get everyone on the same page and in the same place, a ticket package was put together for the event. For a total of $35, people that came received early access to the arena, an on-ice photo, club-level happy-hour before the game, and specialty t-shirts from our friends at Sota Stick.

The shirts are phenomenal looking, but they might feel even better. Oh, and did we mention that $5 of every ticket also went to support The Wild Foundation? Buying in was a no-brainer.

For those familiar with hockey, you’re not going to find a better value than that on a ticket alone. Well, outside of Arizona or Florida that is. Fans, friends, and family all answered the call and came to support the cause. The best part of these types of events is getting to meet with and talk to everyone. Last night was no different.

Early Arrivals: The First Wave
Our Favorite Wild Jersey

How to Build History

The first thing you need when you’re building a snake is a natural way to break away from the game. That’s why you’re used to seeing them at baseball more than any other sport. With the Central Division leading Minnesota Wild playing the worst Western Conference team in Arizona, the game was never in doubt. With that, people could focus their energy on contributing to The Snake. Nobody’s afraid to run and grab another couple drinks or drop cups off when your team is in full control of the game like the Wild were.

The second thing you need is people willing to drink…a lot of people. The 10K Takes crew is full of people fitting that description, but help from the rest of Minnesota wasn’t far behind. Now that we’re into the depths of November/December in Minnesota, it’s getting colder outside. That means people are looking for more things to do inside. Two favorites in this neck of the woods, sports and drinking. This event was a perfect fit, really.

world record cup snake moments before assembly
True beauty

The third and final ingredient for creating a snake, the likes of which nobody has seen, is collaboration. The stereotypical term “Minnesota Nice” is always thrown around to describe the people here. Last night, we certainly felt it. We could not have done any of this without the support of everyone who was there adding to the snake. Anybody that was asked to help or came across the snake was eager to jump on board.

Assembly Time

Hockey fans know that after the 2nd intermission, beer and liquor sales end. That means it was finally time to Assemble the Snake, or as one lovely young lady put it “the bottom of the third”. Normally drinking all the beer is the fun part, but on Cup Snake night, that’s only half of it. Seeing everybody rush to finish their drinks and add to the snake was glorious. Every cup brought applause and when a whole stack was being walked to the end, cheers could be heard throughout the concourse. It was an electric atmosphere where everyone just wants to be a part of something special, and they all were.

For over a half hour, people were assembling the snake, finding more cups, and stringing out the measuring tape(s). Let me repeat that for you, HALF. AN. HOUR. Nobody enjoys doing anything for that long. During that time there were phones out everywhere. Pictures, videos, IG Live, and whatever else people are doing these days. I challenge you to find one photo where everyone in there wasn’t absolutely cheesing. It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, making Cup Snakes has been fun forever and it will continue to be fun forever moving forward too.

Smiles All Around
A Part of Something Special
Every Cup Counts
Definition of Grinning

Not Our First World Record

This Cup Snake was even larger than the one that was erected in July. At a final measured length of 247 feet long, this is officially the longest cup snake that’s ever been measured and verified. There’s a common theme occurring with all of these…10K Takes there to lead the charge, and the good people of Minnesota coming together to answer the call.

The snake was so notable and impressive that it was featured in places such as Sportsnet, Hockey Night in Canada, and Barstool Sports. One place where it got some special attention was ESPN’s Get Up on Wednesday morning. Greeny and the rest of the rest of the crew were quick to recognize how impressive and fun it was, while Booger played the role of wet blanket. Without quoting him directly, he was quick to claim that it’s all we CAN do is drink and do stuff indoors because it’s “too cold” up here while bragging it’s 75 down in Florida. What can we say, some people a just a little tougher than others…” Built Different” as the youths would say.

Thank You, Everyone

These types of events aren’t a success without the support from everyone. Thank you to the Minnesota Wild for hosting, thank you to Sota Stick for the Shirts, thank you to everyone who bought into the ticket package and helped support The Wild Foundation. Finally, thank you to everyone who put even one cup into The Snake. At the end of the day, you all are the ones who made it possible. This will not be the last time 10K hosts this kind of event, so keep an eye out for the next one and we promise to keep bringing this same energy!