10K’s Top-10 QBs – 2022 Edition

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A little over a month ago, the NFL released their top 10 QBs; a list voted on by execs, coaches, and players. Just like anything else that is voted on drama ensued instantly. (Although 95% of the drama was because Lamar Jackson was not voted into the top 10). Just from taking a quick look, I easily see some QBs who do not belong on this list, as well as some who deserve to be on the list. Here is a completely unbiased top 10 QBs list that there should be ZERO arguments on.

10. Mathew Stafford (NFL #6)

On this list above they have Stafford at #6, but coming off the Super Bowl win has a lot to do with that. He obviously was great last year but that defense was also on a different type of level. No hate on Stafford though the guy is a warrior and he easily has a argument to be in any of the next upcoming spots. 

Top 10 QB's.

9. Russel Wilson (NFL #8)

New team = perfect fit in my eyes. The Broncos have a good WR core, just never have had a QB with the abilities Wilson has. Going to a new team is going to rejuvenate Russ and he will go on to have a big year stats wise. Stats are one thing, but as a QB you also have to be able to win games which we all know Russ can do. In the loaded AFC West Russ has the perfect chance to move up the list if he is able to lead the Broncos to the playoffs.

8. Lamar Jackson (N/R)

I don’t get the entire argument that Lamar Jackson doesn’t deserve to be in the top 10 because he isn’t “really a QB”. Stupid take, he’s behind the center and he’s the one calling the plays. Every single time. Every team would take him in a heartbeat, he is that valuable to have. Everyone’s argument is that he runs to much, but why wouldn’t you use that ability when it’s working out perfect?

He easily would of been a top 10 rusher last season if he didn’t get hurt.. and guess what? He still puts up throwing numbers! When he’s on the field his team wins (went 0-5 without him last year) and to me that is more important then if he’s “throwing enough”.

Ravens' Lamar Jackson inexplicably snubbed from top-10 QB's list by NFL peers

7. Joe Burrow (NFL #5)

Cold on the field and even colder off the field.. Joe Burrrrrrow really is a QB who is going to dominate for the next 15 years. Just 1 extra second in the pocket on the last play and he’s probably already a Super Bowl Champion. Although they made it all the way last year I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bengals have a tough time in the AFC this year. This is an important year for Burrow, where he’s either going to shoot himself into elite territory or will have a regression year that will get him lots of slander. 

6. Tom “Goat” Brady (NFL #4)

I was actually sad when he retired for that couple weeks… I wanna see how long this guy can play and continue to dominate. He threw for 5300 yards last year at Age 44, insanity. Eventually you would think he will have a sharp decline, but I’ve been thinking that the past 6 seasons.

Brady just decided to check out for two weeks and go on a vacation, planning to return after the second preseason game. Something only a GOAT can do and get away with. Soak in every game this year because sooner or later we won’t be able to watch him on Sundays anymore.

Brady GOAT 12.. Best QB's

5. Aaron Rodgers (NFL #1)

Hate the player on the field but sometimes you gotta put your ego aside and point where credit is due. I hate to admit it, but Rodgers is one of the best QBs in the NFL. I told you this was going to be completely unbiased otherwise there’s no way he makes this list. It’s going to be interesting to see how he does without his main target, Davante Adams. With the power of the Illuminati and at least one witch behind him, I’m sure this year will just be another Fuck You tour, where he puts up insane #s still.

It's ok I paid the refs... To call holding every time I'm sacked - Aaron  Rodgers Stache | Meme Generator

4. Patrick Mahomes (NFL #2)

Honestly the first 6 QBs were the easy part; the last 4 is where my real struggle begins. I do think Patty is going to feel the effects of not having Tyreek Hill in a major way. So many times when Mahomes is doing his magic it ends up with a throw to the sky that Tyreek Hill would somehow use his speed to get to. He also still has to deal with the distraction of his family.. (who I think everyone hates including him). #4 is the perfect spot for Mahomes on the list this year.

NFL: Patrick Mahomes' family remains welcome at Chiefs games

3. Kirk Cousins (N/R)

Laugh all you want, but I really wanted to put him even higher on this list. The only thing that stopped me is I told you this wasn’t going to be biased. If I put him at #1 everyone will say I’m a biased prick. (Editor’s note: putting him at 3 does the same thing)

The Vikings are going to win a lot of football games this year and a lot of that credit is going to be because of Kirk Cousins. Zimmer was definitely holding Kirk back. With the new offensive mastermind head coach, Kirk Cousins will put up huge numbers that eventually will lead to him being a legitimate MVP candidate and possible winner. (+5000)

Kirk Cousins is Playing at an MVP Level. Stop Laughing. Best QB's

Plus he swears now. I blame Journalist Jake.

2. Josh Allen (NFL #3)

Hot in @ number two is Josh Allen who I love just for his big balls attitude out on the football field. Losing the way the Bills did last year against the Chiefs is going to be his motivation all year for complete domination. Every year he’s getting better and better, passing and rushing. He will limit his turnovers this year and have his best year yet.

Part I: The Pressure is on Josh Allen QB's

1. Justin Herbert (NFL #7)

I really hope you didn’t think Herbert would be outside the top 10 QBs. Year 3 is going to be Herbert’s huge break out year. The Chargers got eliminated in the last week of the regular season in heart break fashion. This year it will be not come down to the last week of the year. Why? Because Justin Herbert is going to play lights out.

You can put up all the stats you want at QB but a huge part of being a great QB is if your team is winning or not. When the Chargers are near the top of the standings, combined with Herbert’s stat line everyone will be talking about Herbert as the league MVP. Go to your sports book and place a futures bet at +1100 for Herbert to win MVP. The only thing standing in his way is dark horse candidate Kirk Cousins.

Top 10 QB's. Could Chargers QB Justin Herbert be a dark-horse MVP candidate?