15 Beatles Songs That Make Other Bands Look Like Garage Start-Ups

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The Beatles. The Fab Four. The lads from Liverpool turned the music world upside down, inside out, and spun it around a few times for good measure. Their masterpieces have left everyone else in the dust. To prove my point, let’s dive into 15 Beatles songs that make all other songs sound like elevator music.

1. “A Hard Day’s Night” (A Hard Day’s Night, 1964)

This track opens with a chord so famous, it could have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The rest of the song isn’t too shabby either.

2. “Hey Jude” (Single, 1968)

A seven-minute epic that makes other bands’ “long” songs seem like fleeting thoughts. The Beatles weren’t just about catchy pop – they could craft anthems that define generations.

3. “Yesterday” (Help!, 1965)

With over 2,200 cover versions, it’s the most covered song in history. 

4. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” (Single, 1963)

The song that conquered America. 

5. “Strawberry Fields Forever” (Magical Mystery Tour, 1967)

An audio trip without the need for any substances. It’s a psychedelic masterpiece that sends other “trippy” songs back to the drawing board.

6. “Let It Be” (Let It Be, 1970)

A song so comforting, it could be your grandmother. This is the Beatles saying, “It’s okay, let it be. We’ve got this music thing covered.”

7. “In My Life” (Rubber Soul, 1965)

A poignant reflection on life that makes other bands’ “deep” songs seem as shallow as a kiddie pool.

8. “Eleanor Rigby” (Revolver, 1966)

A song about loneliness that makes you feel less alone. It’s like the Beatles’ own version of musical therapy.

9. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967)

A song that launched an album that changed everything. 

10. “Something” (Abbey Road, 1969)

George Harrison’s lyrical beauty even made Frank Sinatra call it “the greatest love song ever written.” If Ol’ Blue Eyes says it, who are we to argue?

11. “Blackbird” (The White Album, 1968)

A song so simple yet so profound, it makes other “acoustic” songs seem over-produced.

12. “Come Together” (Abbey Road, 1969)

It’s so unique, other bands didn’t even bother trying to copy it. 

13. “Help!” (Help!, 1965)

A cry for help that still manages to be a foot-tapping, catchy song.

14. “All You Need Is Love” (Magical Mystery Tour, 1967)

A song so universal, it could be the Earth’s anthem.

15. “Here Comes the Sun” (Abbey Road, 1969)

A song that makes other “happy” songs seem like they’re stuck in a rainstorm. 

The End…

15 Beatles songs that make all other songs sound like they’re playing in the wrong key. It’s like the Beatles were playing the music game on ‘Expert’ while everyone else was fumbling on ‘Beginner’. But don’t worry, other bands. The Beatles may have set the bar high, but as they once said, “It’s getting better all the time.” Well, one can hope, at least!