2 Balls, 2 Guys, 2 Hole-in-Ones

2 Balls, 2 Guys, 2 Hole-In-One(s) in Hastings, MN

Everything Else
Hasting’s players both get a hole-in-one on Emerald Greens Golf Course.

Not surprisingly, I’ve had way too many emotions for a story that has nothing to do with me. The unlikeliness of 1 hole-in-one happening is so crazy. Now, you’re telling me they went back-to-back like two guys sharing a hotel bed on spring break? That’s impossible. How do you tell a story about something that’s absolutely unheard of? My brain is literally melting at the thought of it. But man, this modern-day legend needs the respect it deserves.

The Buildup

As John and Al pulled up to the 15th tee, you could see the intense focus on both of their faces. There were only two ways they were leaving Emerald Greens Golf Course that day…as champions or with hypothermia because it looks like it was about 40°F and raining.

*Incoming dad joke* But we all know a day on the course is better than a day in the office. Am I right or am I right? I know Al and John will love that one but back to the story.

Both Stangl and Curlee knew this was the make-or-break hole. All squared up with 4 holes left to play, the men needed to take advantage of the final par 3 of the round. The winner of #15 likely goes on to win the whole damn thing. As both players pull out their flex-shaft drivers for the 177-yard par 3 from the gold tees, boom triple roasted, their goals were set. Be Anthony Edwards and put the ball in the damn cup. Yes, that was an old guy joke. Yes, I realize they would both kick my ass in a round of golf.

The Hole-In-One

Al’s first up to the box. At this point, his club’s basically an extension of his body. Locked and loaded he starts his back swing. Don’t worry, his eyes never leave the ball as he flushes it right over the pin. As it drops, the ball’s soccer design almost acts as a magnet to the pin. The ball then hits the ground. All is quiet, and…

The ball drops in, and just like that, Al’s up two strokes. John’s now dealing with more pressure than Jordan Love following 2 HOF quarterbacks. Butterflies slowly enter his stomach but are quickly suppressed because John’s cooler than Kirk Shiesty in the regular season.

John starts his setup. He puts his stance slightly closed, closes down his club face, and begins to turn his wrists. With a perfect swing and contact, the ball starts on a path with the babiest kiss of a draw there’s ever been. Tracking to the hole, things are looking good. Who am I kidding, things couldn’t be better. Then, the unthinkable happens, and…

THE CROWD GOES WILD! The boys went back-to-back. Unbelievably, the unthinkable happens. Both John and Al don’t know what to do next. Do they keep playing, go to Mystic, or start a party right at the course? Honestly, who cares? They are etched in Minnesota golf history forever.

The Conclusion

I’m not sure what I’d do if I hit a hole-in-one, let alone back-to-back with one of my friends. Probably something simple like renting a private jet to head to Vegas. In all seriousness, Minnesota might become the golf capital of the US if we keep putting out stories like this. Nice job Mr. Stangl and Mr. Curlee. You made the golf community of Minnesota proud.