2 in a row? Let’s Get Cookin’!


Okay, so I have to admit something. The way this team looked heading into the bye-week just 3 weeks ago, I thought it was all said and done. It looked like all hope was lost, I mean they got tossed by Matt Fucking Ryan for fuck’s sake.

Now, they’ve put it together for 2 games in a row and may be looking at making a run towards the playoffs. None of this would have been possible without 1 big piece; the main reason for the huge turnaround in the last 2 weeks. You all know who I’m referring to:


Let’s just run over these numbers from the last 2 games real quick, just so you can see how GOOD this guy is:

  • 369 yards rushing (6.7 yards per carry)
  • 478 total yards
  • 6 touchdowns
  • 92.8 fantasy points! (Full-PPR, anything else is fucking pointless)

Cook has been straight cash and it seems like every time the ball is in his hands, something big is about to happen. Next week’s matchup against the Chicago Bears is looking to be an interesting one since the Vikings trips to Soldier Field seem to go as well as my trips to Deja Vu after a payday (Pre-Covid, of course).

Yeah, I think his contract is well worth it. Let me sit over here with my Little Bites and shut my mouth, I’ll let Dalvin’s play do the talking for me.