2020 Deer Hunting Preview


Minnesota greatness is almost upon us. Not a Vikings Super Bowl victory, or Twins World Series victory, or Wolves…well you get the idea. I’m talking about the Minnesota Deer Gun Opener! The few beautiful weeks a year you can fuck off from work and your boss is probably doing the exact same thing. Due to the snow up here around Fargo/Moorhead I have found myself looking forward to walking the woods in blaze orange trying to blast a deer.

The Minnesota DNR is an absolute joke most of the time to me so here you go with the OFFICIAL MN Deer Hunting Preview. Thanks to 10K Takes for allowing me to put on hundreds of miles to trespass on private land for this in-depth preview. A quick note, anyone who uses a rifle cheats and if you don’t get a deer you truly suck. The real talent is being in shotgun zone and being able to shoot a deer from point blank range.

NW- Deer populations remain strong and the whole state has undergone favorable weather for the deer population in general. This area of the state has a few hunting zones that allow for extra deer to be taken. Hunters should not be shy about taking extra deer and bragging to your friends back home about how easy it was.

NE- This area has had long, severe winters for the last few years. That has lead to more fawn deaths/lower population. This has required more lottery management zones this season than in past years.

SE- This portion of the state, where winter was somewhat milder, hunters will be allowed to harvest more deer in an effort to stabilize and reduce the population to deer goal levels. Where deer had access to good habitat, field observations show normal fawn production.

My Secret Land: Don’t even try to look because you will never find it. I’m in an either sex zone but I’ve been watching the 30 point buck on the trail cam. I’ll have him bagged and cut up by noon, just in time to drink a 30 rack of Busch before watching some college football.

Another quick watch out is that acorn production is up so deer won’t be too shy about staying in forests and cover. Water levels should be down allowing for easier access into wet land areas. Finally farmers have something to be thankful for, a drier crop season. More corn acres will be off for deer season leading to less cover for the animals. But combined, unworked fields will lead to a good food source for animals. Hopefully this Official Report/Preview leads to one of the most successful deer seasons to date!