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2020 Minnesota Vikings: Fun While It Lasted

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What an interesting and, dare I say, fitting way to end the year for our favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings. A close 37-35 win over the Lions saw the Vikings execute crucial late-game poise. It’s nice to see from a team that made you sick to your stomach whenever something needed to happen. Although it was a win in a meaningless Week 17, you still love to sweep on a sad division rival like the Detroit LOLions.

There are plenty things to build on this year that this 2020 squad showed on tape:

  • Rookie Wide Reciever (and the best one of them) Justin Jefferson set not only the Vikings franchise record, but the NFL record for most receiving yards in a rookie year. Everyone that was skeptical on the Diggs trade can at least say one thing: both teams won that deal happily. JJ looks like the real deal and it’s going to be super exciting to see his growth into Year 2
  • Dalvin Cook looked to be in peak MVP form after the bye week up until the purple were basically eliminated. My man was set to lead the way to another playoff run, much like we all saw AP do in 2009. A couple rough ups along the way, but 33 has looked every bit worth that $12 million a year the head office gave him.
  • How about Kirk Cousins? Now, he’s been far from perfect. The getting stuck in the pocket is traumatizing at this point, and he has his most interceptions this year since signing with the Minnesota Vikings. But we also saw multiple comeback efforts, several key dimes, and how about that movement though?
Putting the moves on Ev Griffen 👀

Something is happening almost weekly with Kirk and his legs, so you definitely love to see it. Considering you would have never pegged him to be that guy to run and get you yards. And the dance moves? We might have our guy after all:

I choked on my water when this happened

Add in contributions from Adam Thielen and his 12 red zone TD’s, and that gave the Vikings a Top 10 offense. But there was also a lot of bad stuff this year. The defense became a massive liability. There’s a reason why we’re not talking about what happened on Christmas; because it’s not fucking worth bringing up again. When you give up the most yards & points in a game in Minnesota Vikings history, some men have to lose their jobs.

Listen, the offense did its job. The defense didn’t. They were the 3rd best and the 3rd worst in franchise history, respectively, so we’ve got some work to do on one side of the ball.

All in all, this was a pretty MEH year. And to think, if we would have beat the Chicago Bears in Week 15, we would have been GOING to the playoffs and facing the Saints 1st round. No fucking thanks. Just remember, Vikings fans, this is all part of the secret trend that we’re falling into since Zim has taken over as HC. Allow me to lead you down the wormhole…

2014: Zim & Teddy’s 1st year. Record: 6-10

2015: Big turnaround and a division title. Record: 11-5

2016: Teddy tears up his leg right before the season. Record: 8-8

2017: Case Keenum catches lightning in a bottle. Record: 13-3

2018: Year 1 w/ Kirk, JDF gets fired after 13 games. Record: 8-7-1

2019: Year 2 w/ Kirk, Dalvin plays about a full season. Record: 10-6

2020: New and young D in a weird year, minus 3 key starters Record: 7-9

This just means next year the Vikings are winning it all baby. Get ready to head to Diamond Joe’s and place those bets!!!