2022 Minnesota State Fair Concerts

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Good Morning MINNESOTA, August 25th officially marks the start of the Minnesota State Fair. The State Fair is known for its food, but there are also many different things to do and see with one of those things being a great list of concerts. Each night is different and the lineup has some big-name groups and people coming in. Here’s the lineup we have for the 2022 Great Minnesota Get Together.

Thursday 8/25- Alice In Chains & Breaking Benjamin with Bush

Get ready to rock because the State Fair kicks off with Alice and Chains, Breaking Benjamin… AND BUSH. If you think you don’t know of these bands, take a listen to their songs and you are guaranteed to know at least one. My Dad bought his tickets the first day they were available, so I know at least one person ready to rock. Stretch your neck out because you’re going to be rocking your head the entire night at this concert.

Alice In Chains

Breaking Benjamin


Friday 8/26- Counting Crows

The first Friday of the fair is headlined by Counting Crows. All of their Youtube songs have millions of views but I’m not too familiar with this band at all, except for Mr. Jones of course (256 Million Views).

Saturday 8/27- Portugal. The Man and Manchester Orchestra with Bad Bad Hats

Connor McGregor in this video is my initial reaction when I saw who was playing on the first Saturday night.

The Bad Bad Hats most viewed song is 407K views called “Midway“. I honestly don’t expect too many people to be in the stands when they are on the stage.

Portugal. The Man headlines Saturday Night.. and they are a lot more popular than I would ever imagine. I listened to their most viewed song (327 Million) and it’s a song I think everyone knows, even if they don’t know a lyric to it. Do I think this concert will have a big crowd? No. But I imagine there’s a reason they put them on a Saturday.

Manchester Orchestra is the co-headline and although I’m unsure who they are, they have a couple of big songs. Their most viewed song has 127 Million Views so I must just not be into their type of music.

Sunday 8/28- Pitbull with Iggy Azalea

Mr.Worldwide, aka Pitbull is coming to the Great Minnesota Get Together, and he’s bringing Iggy Azalea. This concert is going to FUCK. This concert is going to be absolutely packed and arguably will be the best concert of the State Fair.

I don’t need to say too much because everyone knows who these two are. Just in case you somehow don’t here are a few songs to get you familiar.

Iggy Azalea


Monday 8/29- The Beach Boys and The Temptations with Tower of Power

It’s always tough performing on a Monday night, but it’s even tougher coming off a night with Pitbull and Iggy Azalea. This is a night with bands from the 60’s so bring your grandparents and have a good ole time. Surprisingly I know who The Beach Boys and “The Temptations” are (Even if it’s just one song).

The Temptations

The Beach Boys

Tuesday 8/30- Jim Gaffigan

On Tuesday the State Fair takes a break from music and six-time Grammy-nominated comedian Jim Gaffigan takes the mic. I’m not familiar with stand-up comedy but Jim Gaffigan’s accolades speak for themselves. Along with his six grammy nominations, he also is a two-time New York Times best-selling author, along with being a three-time Emmy-winning top touring performer, and a multi-platinum-selling recording artist. Not familiar but sounds like a night guaranteed to make you laugh.

Wednesday 8/31- Florida Georgia Line with Bailey Zimmerman

If I’m going to go to one concert this is the one. I’m not big into country but I do love me some FGL. Florida Georgia Line is breaking up after this concert so something tells me they are going to leave it all out on the stage. Minnesota loves its country concerts so I expect it to be a fun Wednesday Night with plenty of beer in the forecast.

Florida Georgia Line

Bailey Zimmerman

Thursday, 9/1– REO Speedwagon and Styx with Levon

Night Two of the best three-day stretch of concerts IMO. Levon is irrelevant here because STYX AND REO SPEEDWAGON are in town. REO Speedwagon has many good songs but I love STYX. This concert fits perfectly between the two headline country shows so I expect this to be a great show.

REO Speedwagon


Friday 9/2- Zac Brown Band with Robert Randolph Band

Night 3 of my favorite stretch and it’s topped off with a country band that will have the grandstand packed on a Friday night. If you’re walking around the fair on this day don’t be questioning why you see so many country girls and boys eating chicken fried… it’s because Zac Brown Band is in town. No idea who Robert Randolph Band is but they look like a band who can fire up the crowd before the headliner on a Friday night that’s for sure.

Zac Brown Band

Robert Randolph Band

Saturday 9/3- Diana Ross with Naturally 7

I feel bad for Diana Ross, coming off the last three nights of insane music she almost is guaranteed to have a tough time “surviving”. I guess if people are going to this concert they have a strong fandom towards Diana Ross because I’ve never heard her name in my life. (Until a quick youtube search).

Diana Ross

Naturally 7

Sunday 9/4-MSF Amateur Talent Finals

The 2nd to last night of the fair brings in the MSF Amateur Talent Finals. Basically from what I’m reading it sounds like it’s county fair talent winners advance to compete in an event held each night at the State Fair. If you are able to advance from there you compete on September 4th with a chance @ winning 20,000 Dollars.

Monday 9/5-  Disney Princess—The Concert

To close out the Minnesota State Fair is everyone’s favorite… Disney Princess. Whose idea was it to put an event filled with kids the night before most schools start? I know it’s probably going to be packed and super popular but what happened to having closing headliners like they did 10 years ago when they brought in Wiz Khalifa AND Mac Miller (RIP).. I would give an arm and a leg to be able to travel back in time and attend that concert. Stoners Paradise. Anyways though I’m sure Disney Princess will still put on a great show, there has to be a reason they got the last act for the State Fair.

And with that our 2022 State Fair Concert Guide is complete… There are many great bands/singers this year which guarantees you can find something that fills your needs. Nothing beats walking around the fair all day eating delicious food, drinking tons of beer followed up by a concert.. (followed up by more food after). Check out our must-eat state fair foods article as well!