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Starting Thursday, we will have 27 straight days of football. With at least one football game every day for almost four straight weeks, this is a football fan’s equinox. November marks MACtion’s return to Tuesday and Wednesday nights, giving us football 7 days a week. Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

Here’s the rundown of this non-stop action slated for the next month.


MACtion is the glue that holds this incredible run of football together. There will be a combined 14 matchups featuring MAC teams on either Tuesdays or Wednesday from now until November 22nd.

More Morning Football

While there are mixed reviews around the league on traveling to international games, it is great for the fans! The only thing I want to do after celebrating a long Halloween weekend is to sit on my couch and binge 12+ hours of uninterrupted football. Over the next 3 weeks there will be two more international NFL games for you to wake up with football.

  • 10/30 Broncos vs Jaguars (London)
  • 11/13 Seahawks vs Bucs (Munich)

There may not be much sleep this coming Hallo-weekend. The Broncos and Jags will start at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning. Sleep less or don’t sleep, it’s our responsibility to cherish every moment of these 27 straight days of football (remember how July feels without it). The Germans seem to be quite excited for NFL football as the cheapest tickets were still over $600 for the Seahawks-Bucs matchup on November 13th.


Here’s just a few of the great rivalry matchups we will see over the next month. You can throw the records out with these matchups as they are nearly always competitive. It’s must-watch football!

  • 10/29 Florida vs Georgia
  • 10/29 Michigan State @ Michigan
  • 11/5 Florida State @ Miami
  • 11/19 Iowa @ Minnesota
  • 11/19 Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma

Race to the Playoff!

November is for contenders in college football. You can no longer pretend if you are a good team or not in November and there are some FIRE matchups to help us secure the four teams to play in the college football playoff.

  • 11/5 Tennessee @ Georgia
  • 11/12 Alabama @ Ole Miss
  • 11/19 Utah @ Oregon

Tennessee vs Georgia should be a semi-final matchup and we’re lucky enough to see it in November. It could even just be a preview of what’s to come depending on where everything else lands! That’s 27 straight days of football, coming right at ya. See you on the other side!!