37 Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods in 2023

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Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! As far as I’m concerned, the Minnesota State Fair is the greatest event on the planet. I’ve done other lists in 37, like the 37 must eat foods in Minnesota, 37 Best Chips, and 37 Facts about Kirk Cousins.

And this list isn’t exactly new, either.

37 Must-Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods (2021)

37 Must-Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods (2022)

So we’re three years into this list, and frankly, I keep having to remove foods to make room for drinks. The drinking game at the fair is AMAZING. (Here’s a full list of drinks) I really should just do a 37-best drinks list at the fair. There’s a bunch of new foods at the fair that I hope find their way onto my 2024 list, but we’ll have to wait and see. Honestly, I would spend all 12 days there if I could and still not be sick of it. The food, the people watching, the food, the drinks, the food. I just can’t get enough of it. I budget all year for the fair because once I get out there, I throw money in the air like I’m Chris Hawkey at a casino.

This is my father, and I’m sure he will love this picture.

Every year the fair adds new foods, so this list will change over time. But for right now, and in no particular order, these are the 37 must eat Minnesota State Fair Foods for 2023. I hope you have pockets as deep as Kirk Cousins because getting through the entire list won’t be cheap.

OH, also, here’s an interactive map of the fair. That’s nifty.

And if you’re thinking, “Why should I listen to this list?” That’s a great question, but we did talk about last year’s list on KFAN, so take that for what you will. OKAY, HERE WE GO! (Oh, and the list is actually like 56 items long. So keep going after 37).

1. Onion Rings at Danielson & Daughters

Outside of the Food Building between Underwood & Cooper

There are a few different places to get onion rings at the Minnesota State Fair, but none even come close to the ones at Danielson & Daughters. This stand has been going since 1956 and serves up world-class onions. If you get the Blue Ribbon Bargain book, there’s usually a $2 off coupon, which makes this one of the best bargains at the fair as well. These truthfully put up a good fight for my #1 food at the fair. They’re perfect.

2. Caramel Apple Craft Seltzer from Andy’s Grille

Located at 1774 Carnes Avenue

This type of drink is exactly why the Minnesota State Fair is so fun. It’s a simple idea executed well. It looks great in pictures but, more importantly, tastes good! The caramel sauce is really what drives this home, and I wish I had a bit more of it. But this is a perfect drink to mix up the day with. Andy’s has been expanding its drink menu pretty rapidly in recent years as well (more on this later). They offer a variety of slushies, a chocolate chip cookie beer, and they claim to have the coldest beer at the fair. We’ll have to #MeetAtAndys to find out!

3. Gizmo Sandwich from Carl’s Gizmo Sandwiches

Located on Machinery Hill right under the Skyglide.

Oh, buddy, these are tasty. Ground beef and Italian sausage covered in homemade red sauce and then topped with a pile of mozzarella cheese? Yes, please. The Gizmo started at the Iowa State Fair around 1973, and I’m so happy it’s made its way to Minnesota.

4. Mini Donut Beer by Lift Bridge Brewing at the Ball Park Cafe

Located 1312 Underwood Street

For my money, this is the best beer at the Minnesota State Fair. The sugar rim perfectly compliments the beer; there’s nothing else like it. I cannot wait to guzzle these suckers down. If you’re going to try any beer at the fair, this is the one.

5. Cheese Curds from The Mouth Trap

Located in the Food Building

There was some debate about who had the best curds at the fair, but now that the Original State Fair Cheese Curds stand had to close, the Mouth Trap is the undisputed King of the Curd. The Mouth Trap crew goes through 60 tons of natural cheddar cheese each year. You simply can’t put together a must eat Minnesota State Fair foods list without including the Mouth Trap cheese curds.

6. Burger and a Beer at the Midway Mens Club

Located 1354 Underwood Street

This place is a hidden gem. (Also, the is an older menu. Prices might be SLIGHTLY different this year). When you need to take a break from the chaos of the fair, the Midwest Mens Club offers an excellent escape. Take a seat and enjoy the cheapest beer at the fair, along with some downright affordable food options. Their booth is run by volunteers, 85 percent of their profits go to St. Paul youth programs, and the prices have stayed pretty much the same since 1960. I always end up spending a ton of time at the club, and I don’t need to feel pretentious about that statement.

Here we are, just chillin’ at the club.

7. CHEESECURD TACOS from Richie’s Cheese Curd Tacos

North side of Judson Avenue between Liggett and Clough streets, outside the Sheep & Poultry Barn

OH MY GOODNESS, THESE ARE AMAZING. It comes with two tacos. We tried getting them in 2022, but the lines were too damn long. I’ll tell you what–IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW LONG THE LINES ARE, THEY’RE WORTH IT. My wife got the dill pickle cheese curd tacos, and I just got the regular ones. They were the best thing we had all day. Elite fair food. Might be the best thing there.

8. Ice cream from Nitro Ice Cream

Located in the Food Building

There’s no ice cream like Nitro Ice Cream. It’s smoother than Trae Turner’s slide thanks to them using liquid nitrogen and some science experiment process while making it. They give out free samples, so feel free to try before you buy. But you’re going to want more than just the free sample.

9. Garlic Fries at Ball Park Cafe

Located at 1312 Underwood Street

These are not for the faint of heart. You REALLY need to like garlic to enjoy these fries because I’m not sure if there’s more potato or garlic on these suckers. (Actually, so far in 2023, they’ve limited the amount of garlic). The Ball Park Cafe really took the cloves off when making these fries (see what I did there? A bad garlic joke). If there are any vampires at the fair, you’ll be safe at the ballpark.

10. Boozy Salted Caramel Milk Shake from Andy’s Grille

Located at 1774 Carnes Avenue

I’ve heard some people say they think the boozy flavor is a bit aggressive, but I personally love it. As you can see from this list, I also enjoy alcohol. This was the best breakfast I could ever ask for at the fair. I love it very much and will eat at least 37 of them over a 12-day period. They’re a new food item in 2023, and I hope they’re here to stay.

11. French Fries from Fresh French Fries

multiple locations on the Fairgrounds

These are iconic at the Minnesota State Fair. For more than 45 years, Fresh Cut Fries has been serving ‘pure freshness’ and was even voted the Best Fries in America by Gourmet Magazine. Shareable, bingeable, crunchy, and salty. They’re everything you want from fair food. The lines are pretty much always long, which is why they go through 400,000 pounds of potatoes per year, but they go quickly. Plus, all the potatoes are grown in Big Lake, Minnesota! So that’s a cool little tidbit.

12. Pronto Pup from Pronto Pup

Located all over the place

I’ll probably get ripped for only liking ketchup on my pronto pup, but sue me. The Karnis family introduced the Pronto Pup to the Minnesota State Fair in 1947, and it’s been a mainstay ever since. The entire history of them is kind of fascinating if you’re interested in learning more, but all you need to know for this list is that they’re delicious.

13. Al’s Breakfast Blueberry Pancakes at Hamline Church Dining Hall.

Located at 1667 Dan Patch Avenue

Started by a small group of women from the Hamline Methodist Episcopal Church Ladies Aid Society in 1897, the Hamline Church Dining Hall is the oldest food concession at the Minnesota State Fair. Their menu hasn’t changed much over the years, serving up baked chicken, Swedish meatballs, and our signature dish–Hamloaf. They also are offering a new food this year, the Holey Hamloaf Breakfast Sandwich.

And that sandwich is amazing. It will easily be on the 2024 list, but in 2022, they started serving Al’s Breakfast’s famous blueberry pancakes, and I just love them so much. Al’s Breakfast easily has the best pancakes, and being able to snag a couple at the fair is a dream.

14. Bomba Bull Frose All Day Slushy at Dino’s Gyro’s

Located on the north side of Carnes Avenue between Nelson and Underwood streets

Y’ALL. THESE ARE SO GOOD. I probably had 10 of these last year, and I wanted more. Fusing Minnesota-made Gray Duck Distillery Bomba Juice spirited seltzer with a fruity fun mix of lemonade, strawberry, and a kick of Red Bull served frosé slushy style. Sit at Dino’s, enjoy the live music (my favorite is the dueling pianos), and explore their drinks menu for a few hours. They have lots of good options, but this one is a must.

15. While you’re at Dino’s Gyro’s, grab yourself a Surly Epic Yuzu.

If you’ve never spent time drinking at Dino’s, you’re missing out. The Epic Yuzu Tart Ale is pretty much everything you could ask for from a tart beer. On a hot day, these things go down like water. Dino’s is a nice little gem. The seating is all under a sunshade, and they have staff to serve you. So sit back, enjoy the shade, sing along, and tip your servers!

And listen, you’re going to be hanging out at Dino’s for a while if you’re doing this right so this is a great chance to try out some of their new offerings as well! Check them out below!

Aphrodite’s Gift From the goddess of beauty comes this gorgeous and hazy IPA. Pillowy smooth, and drenched in fruit-forward hop flavor, this is a gift you won’t return. 7.2% ABV. 32 IBUs. Brewed in Minneapolis, Minn., by Surly Brewing Co.

Appleshine Mango Hard Cider
This semi-dry hard cider is brewed with fresh mango for a refreshing, fruity, easy-drinking experience. Notes of mango, apple, and champagne with a light and crisp mouthfeel. 6% ABV. Brewed in Blaine, Minn., by Invictus Brewing Co.

Cucumber Lemon Lager
A lager as crisp and refreshing as a cool dip on a hot summer day. Flavors of salted cucumber and lemon combine to make a perfectly cool drink. 5.2% ABV. 10 IBUs. Brewed in Minneapolis, Minn., by Indeed Brewing Company.

Ginger Basil Limeade Hard Seltzer Cocktail
A taste bud-tingling seltzer cocktail with flavors of zesty lime, ginger and aromatic basil. Paired with a subtle but distinct ginger spice, the effervescence from Urban Growler’s Ginger Basil Limeade Hard Seltzer balances flavor and rejuvenation to form a drink that goes beyond the ordinary. 7.2% ABV. Brewed in Saint Paul, Minn., by Urban Growler Brewing Company.

Greek Cookie
Based on the delicious Melomakarona cookies, this malty gluten-reduced cream ale is made with orange, honey, nut-free walnut extract, and brandy. Making you wish you were with your Yia-Yia and Papou playing Tavli (backgammon) in Santorini. 5% ABV. Brewed in Roseville, Minn., by Bent Brewstillery.

That’s a pretty solid list of new drinks! I fully expect some of them to make it onto the 2024 list!

16. A Hot Dog from About a Foot Long Hot Dog

Multiple locations, this one is located at the intersection of Carnes and Nelson Street

A state fair taste tradition unlike any other and hard proof that fair food doesn’t need to be overly gimmicky. The skin has a nice snap to it; the onions are perfectly done. It’s simple but perfect. Also, feel free to hate on me for also enjoying ketchup on my hot dog. As the great philosopher Curtis Jackson once said, “If they hate, then let ’em hate and watch the money pile up.”

Except it seems like a ton of people dislike me, and I’m still not rich, so I’m not sure that philosophy works well.

17. Giant Turkey Sandwich from Turkey to Go

Photo credit Turkey to Go website

Located at 1265 Clough Street

Turkey to Go doesn’t lack flavor or size. Their half-pound sandwiches are plenty of people’s #1 food item. These birds have been at the fair since 1958, originally named Turkeyteria as a play on cafeteria. They’ve also gone by The Turkey House, and Pilgrim Thom’s Takeout Turkey. Today we just know them as Turkey to Go, and we know the food is fantastic. They also offer massive turkey legs if you want to eat like Fred Flinstone.

18. Deep Fried Pickles by the Perfect Pickle

Located on the corner of Liggett Steet and Dan Patch Avenue

So if I’m being transparent, this isn’t on the list for me. I personally believe pickles should be illegal, but my wife completely disagrees. These are one of her must eat Minnesota State Fair Foods, and based on the lines, I’m the wrong one. Actually, in 2016, the Perfect Pickle won the Favorite Fair Food Award, so obviously, ignore my pickle-slander.

But also, pickles are terrible. (Editor’s note: No, they’re not…and these fried pickles SLAP. Nick’s wife obviously has superior taste buds)

19. Frozen Blu by Schell’s at the Schell’s Pavilion

My snap was supposed to say “Done with numbers” because I was keeping track of each item I was eating. The typo and the number of Frozen Blus are related.

Located in the West End Market next to the Schilling Amphitheater

It can be downright balmy in August, and few things can beat the heat better than a frozen Grain Belt Blu. An already cold beer is topped with a 23-degree frozen blueberry slushy header which turns it into an adult Icee. They don’t lack sweetness, so I can’t consume many of them. But the first one goes down incredibly easily. So does the second one. And the third one.

And the fourth one.

20. Bacon from Big Fat Bacon

Located 1694 Nelson Street

Since 2008, Big Fat Bacon has served thousands of pounds of Big Fat Bacon. And I’m responsible for buying about 37,000 pounds of it. Big Fat Bacon is a quarter-pound, maple-glazed slab of bacon that’s dusted with a blend of seven peppers and salt. It’s proof that being big and fat is a good thing. I love you, BFB.

Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods 2023

21. Beef Jamaican Patty at West Indies Soul Food

Located in the International Bazaar

Be a little adventurous at the fair! If you like spicy things, this is your spot. The jerk sauce is SPICY. For the patty, you can get either beef or chicken, but I like the beef much more. Actually, by a really large margin TBH. Dip it in some jerk sauce (and then also buy a bottle to go) and be prepared for the heat. While you’re there, grab some of the jerk wings and a pork chop (which might be the best one at the fair). Honestly, this is one of the more underrated stands at the entire fair.

Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods 2023

22. Poutine from Duke’s Poutine

Located North side of Judson Ave. between Clough & Nelson streets

Fresh-cut fries, squeaky cheese curds, and fantastic gravy. If you’re a fan of poutine, you’ll like these. If you’re not a fan of poutine, I just have no words.

Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods 2023

23. Gyro from Holy Land

Located in the Bazaar

Multiple people, including my buddy Jeffrey, said I must add this spot to the list, so I am. They also have mint lemonade that’s top-notch, and I’m told the dolma is great (but that’s just word of mouth… just like the rest of this list). Honestly, the bazaar is home to many hidden gems for food and drinks. I could spend an entire day eating in here easily.

24. Fried Green Tomato Sandwich from Minnesota Farmers Union Coffee Shop

Located on the North side of Dan Patch Ave. between Cooper & Cosgrove streets

I eat like a child, so I didn’t try this, but my wife did, and she loved it. She said it’s, perhaps, the best BLT she’s ever had. It’s two deep-fried locally grown green tomato slices in a crust of Whole Grain Milling Co. High Lysine Cornmeal, with mustard mayonnaise made with Lost Capital Economics Coarse Spicy Ale Mustard and local lettuce on a toasted brioche bun from The Good Bread Company. BLT is served with bacon from Pastures a Plenty & Hidden Stream Farm. The vegetarian option is served with locally produced charred sweet corn relish.

25. Roasted Corn at the Corn Roast

Located on the Southeast Corner of Dan Patch Avenue outside of the Grand Stand

25 acres of corn are sold at the Minnesota State Fair each year. That’s roughly 25 times the size of one acre. Corn is picked daily, delivered to the stand, roasted, and then dipped in a bucket of butter. Fun fact: the corn roast goes through 4,000 pounds of butter at the fair. Makes sense when you consider they’re selling around 25,000 ears of corn every day.

Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods 2023

Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods 2023

26. Philly Cheesesteak from Andy’s Grille

Located at 1774 Carnes Avenue

So last year, I was looking for more new foods to try, and while I was guzzling my 7th, 8th, 11th, 22nd, 37th beer from Andy’s, there was a sign that said the BEST Philly Cheesesteak at the MN State Fair. AND IT’S NOT LIE. Listen, my picture here might not do it justice, but don’t let that fool you. Fairly priced, full of flavor, and excellent. This, for me, is a great option to end the day because it leaves you feeling pretty full and happy.

Speaking of Andy’s Grille, their new drinks look amazing this year.

Keep in mind this is the same spot that has the caramel apple cider. Andy’s Grille might just be the best place for fun drinks at the fair.

27. Mini Donut Iced Latte from The Anchor Coffee House

Located on the West side of Underwood St. between Carnes & Judson avenues, outside Ramberg Music Cafe

If starting your day with a mini donut beer sounds too aggressive for you, the mini donut cold brew is the way to go. If you like cinnamon, this is a real treat. Not only does it just look excellent in pictures, but it also tastes fantastic. This also comes hot if that’s more your jam. Personally, I haven’t had that one yet, but I can’t imagine it’s anything other than wonderful.

Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods 2023

28. A Waffle from Nordic Waffles

Located at the end of the West End Market along West Dan Patch Avenue

Perfect for those who want to start their day at the fair with an actual breakfast but also perfect who want to eat something unique. I’m not going to pick just one option as one of the must-try Minnesota State Fair foods because they have a ton of options, and they’re all good. All-day breakfast? Berries and cream? S’mores? Cinna-Sugar and butter? Or maybe a turkey chipotle club is more your style. They’ve got you covered.

29. Potatoes from Australian Battered Potatoes

I cannot emphasize this enough: THESE SHOULD BE SHARED. These are way too thick to be considered a potato chip, but they’re also not a potato wedge. These battered slices of deep-fried potato have a few topping options. I like just the regular cheese sauce on the side and dip as I go, but you can also get ranch, ranch with bacon and cheese, and sweet chili with sour cream.

The regular is plenty of food on its own. But if you want to be full for 3 weeks, I guess you could get a bucket.

Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods 2023

30. Walleye Cakes from Giggles’ Campfire Grill

Located 1520 Cooper St.

Giggles’ has been serving up food from their campfire grill since 2000, and it took me until 2022 to get there. What a mistake I was making. For 2023, they’re offering Walleye Fritter Pops as their new offering. I might give those a shot, but I will absolutely be ordering the walleye cakes again. This is their best-selling dish, and it’s a great option to share or… you know, not.

31. Mankato Brewery Rhubarb Shandy at Giggles’ Campfire Grill

Located 1520 Cooper St.

This is a new drink for 2023, and it’s wonderful. Described as, “This limited-time shandy combines the flavors of tangy rhubarb and zesty lemons, offering a refreshing and balanced drinking experience with its smooth mouthfeel and the unmistakable taste of Minnesota. Garnished with a strawberry, blackberry, and mint skewer.” Yes, please!

32. Giant Egg Roll on a Stick at Que Viet Concessions

Located on Cooper and Dan Patch

This is arguably my favorite item at the state fair. I cannot explain how great this thing is. There are also cream cheese wontons that are top-notch at this stand. I eat so much food at the Minnesota State Fair that I try not to duplicate foods, but I always save room for two egg rolls.

If you’re going to listen to me about anything on this list, the Giant Egg Roll on a Stick is the one to try. (Also, you CAN get these eggrolls year-round at their restaurant, but it doesn’t come on a stick, so it’s not nearly as fun).

33. Minnesota Mule Cider by Sweetland Orchard at the Ball Park Cafe

I’m hoping you know where its located by now.

We’re back at the Ball Park Cafe for another drink because the Ball Park Cafe is perhaps the best place to drink at the fair. This is a fun drink that will end your day early if you’re not careful. Coming in at 7.0% ABV, it’s one of the stronger options available to you at the fair. It’s also one of the most refreshing. There’s no copper mug, but you’ll be okay without it.

Honestly, just go sit and drink for a couple of hours at Ball Park Cafe

I love the Ball Park Cafe dearly. I just want to keep adding items from there to this list, but this seems easier. An amazing lineup of beers, a central location, TVs, and shade. It allows you to settle down a bit and ENJOY your time. The Ball Park Cafe makes plenty of appearances on this list for a reason. I mean, just check out their 2023 tap list!

I’ll once again be spending an enormous amount of time and money at the Ball Park Cafe. Hope to see you there!

34. Hangar Honey from Third Street Brewhouse at The Hangar

Located on the Northeast corner of Underwood Street and Murphy Avenue

The fair is packed with many fun beers–but sometimes you just want something good. This melon wheat beer features the strong aroma of melon with slightly wheaty, sweet, crisp highlights. It’s easy to drink all day. But let’s say you get to The Hangar and are overwhelmed by all their amazing options…


Beer flights are always a fun choice–and the hangar has about 37,000 different beers to try. There are more flights rolling out of this place than MSP.

35. Boozy Blueberry Lemon Pie from Sara’s Tipsy Pies

Located in the food building

Sure, we’re getting to the end of the list, but I already told you–this isn’t put together in any order of importance. Sara’s Tipsy Pies should be pretty near the top of any Minnesota State Fair Must-Eat Foods list. They’re pushing something like 20,000 pies at the fair, with their top-selling option is the Boozy Blueberry Lemon. But they also offer a Blue Raspberry Blitzed, Carousing Caramel Apple, an Irish Whiskey Apple that is vegan friendly, and an Iris Pecan Tart that is gluten friendly. On the savory side, you can try the Brown Ale Onion & Gouda or the Brewpub Reuben. My list has been full of food and alcohol, and these little bundles of joy let us have both! (New this year, they will have a Minty Magic Tart!)

36. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade at the Cheese on a Stick/Lemonade Stand

Located on the East side of Ligget Street

Fairs and fresh-squeezed lemonade go together like Anthony LaPanta and good hair. They’re just synonymous with each other. I absolutely love the lemonade at the cheese-on-a-stick stand. It’s not overly sweet or bitter. It tastes like summertime.

37. Sweet Martha’s Cookies from Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar (But keep reading, I have honorable mentions!)

Photo Credit: Sweet Martha’s Facebook Page

Located at the end of all the longest lines at the fair

You were starting to think I forgot about the cookies, didn’t you? Honestly, I don’t know how anyone consumes an entire bucket of these. It’s not that I don’t love them; they’re SO good –but the bucket also has SO MANY. My wife and I have been known to play a game where we just ask strangers if we can have some of their cookies, and whoever gets the most wins. It may not surprise you, but the attractive gal asking for cookies beats out the overweight drunk guy every single year. Shucks. Sweet Martha’s cookies must be included when talking about Minnesota State Fair Foods at any level. This definitely is one of people’s #1 food at the fair, and there’s plenty of reason for that.

Honorable Mentions!

Pork Chop on a Stick from Peterson’s

Located on Judson Street next to the Dairy Building

Peterson’s charbroiled chicken-n-chops on a stick has been a highlight at the Minnesota state fair since 1994. I’d argue very few spots can compete with just how great this stand smells, and the chops are no disappointment either. They’re thick-cut and bone-in with fantastic char marks on them. Unlike the Minnesota Twins, these never disappoint.

Nashville Hot Chicken on a stick from the Blue Barn

Located 1839 W Dan Patch Ave

It’s sweeter than it is hot, which will work well for most Minnesota palates. But it has enough heat to keep it interesting. Its crunch puts Captain Crunch to shame. Truth be told, this used to be one of my favorite fair foods, but the new price tag of $14.50 is just too much for what you get. Drop the price $4.50, and this is a top 3 fair food.

Craft Beer Onion Rings from the Ball Park Cafe

These are the second-best onion rings at the fair–and if you like a thick onion ring, they’ll likely be your #1. There’s also a coupon for these in the Blue Book.

STATE FAIR HACK! Cultivated CBD D9 gummies you bring from home and then take your state fair experience up to 11.

The state fair has plenty to eat and even more to drink, so why not make sure you can enjoy more of all the good stuff? Listen, Minnesota has made this a legal option for you to enjoy to take advantage of the law and give yourself a new fair experience. I mean, come on–shipping is even free! Cultivated CBD is the only brand I trust, and if you’re going to listen to my State Fair food advice, then maybe that counts for something

Give it a shot: https://cultivatedcbd.com/cultivated-cbd-plus-thc-max-d9-5mg/

Island Hopper at The Hangar

Located on the northeast corner of Underwood Street and Murphy Avenue

Hollowed-out half-pineapple filled with charbroiled chicken glazed with teriyaki sauce and served with steamy white rice and pineapple chunks, topped with green onions and sesame seeds. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s also great.

Strawberries and Creme from Strawberries ‘N Creme

Located on machinery hill

This is more proof that simple things can be best. High-quality, fresh strawberries and a dairy-free whipped topping that is made on-site, daily (actually many times throughout the day). This is also a great break from being constantly bombarded by fried foods.

All You Can Drink Milk

The AYCDM stand pours around 26,000 gallons of milk during the fair, and for a couple of bucks, you can have as much of it as you want. Chocolate, 2%, or skim–but come on, skim milk is trash. (Actually, anything but whole milk is subpar, but I digress). This stand offers the only unlimited food options at the fair. At least, I think… Johnny Pops did for a while as well but I don’t think they do anymore. PRO TIP: Go get your Sweet Martha’s Cookies and then head to the milk stand!

Pickle Dog from Pickle Dog

located on the south side of Carnes

Photo credit Pickle Dog’s Facebook page

As I said earlier, I’m not about the pickle life, but my wife adores them. Since she’s smarter than me, I’ll assume other people will as well.

French Toast Bites from the Blue Barn

Located 1839 W Dan Patch Ave

The Blue Barn is full of great Minnesota State Fair Foods, and they added another to their list with the french toast bites. A perfect snack to share if you’re feeling nice but nobody is forcing you to. These have a tasty berry sauce with whipped cream, and then they sprinkle some pop rocks on top because why not?

Frozen Sangria from Grain Belt

Located in the West End Market next to the Schilling Amphitheater

Just like the frozen Blu, but instead of blueberry, it’s sangria!

Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods 2023

*Cinnie Smiths with Vanilla Custard (If the cinnamon rolls are warm!)

Located on Murphy Avenue & Underwood Street

Freshly made hot cinnamon rolls with frozen custard comes together for an experience that will make you weak at the knees. I love these things more than Aaron Rodgers loves a scapegoat (which is also the only time I’ll use Aaron Rodgers and goat in the same sentence… well, and in that one as well). #TB12

*Worth noting, I got an order of these two years ago, and the cinnamon rolls weren’t hot. I’ll give them another shot, but if the cinnamon rolls are no longer served warm, these are completely skippable.

Wild Rice Burger from Wild Rice Confections

Located in the food building

This is well worth grabbing. The wild rice in the burger makes it unique enough to make you feel like you’re not just eating a standard burger at the fair. There are some people who will argue that this burger is the BEST item at the entire fair. They’re not crazy.

Corn Dog from Poncho Dogs

Southwest corner of Dan Patch Ave. & Cosgrove St.

Now from what I’m told, THESE are actually the best corndogs at the fair. Will they topple the mighty pronto pup? I can’t say just yet, but I’ll be giving them a shot!

Duck Bacon Wontons at Giggles Campfire

Located at the corner of Lee Avenue and Cooper Street

If the idea of eating duck sounds too exotic to you, this is a nice way to explore something new. If you already like duck, you’re set on these being good.

Sweedish Egg Coffee

Located at the Salem Lutheran Dining Hall

A stranger on the internet told me this is the best coffee at the fair and considering all I am to you is a stranger on the internet, their word is as good as mine!

Almost anything at the Mexican Hat

Located outside of the Grand Stand by the KFAN booth

My dad says this place is good so I’m adding it. I’ve never had a single thing from there so blame him if it’s not good.

Must Eat Minnesota State Fair Foods 2022

Corn Fritters from The Original Corn Fritters and Fried Green Tomatoes stand

Located on the South side of Dan Path Avenue between Underwood and Cooper Streets

My stepmom said they’re great so they’ve made the list. Also people keep saying the actual fried green tomatoes are really good so if that’s your thing, go for it!

Chan’s Chicken on a Stick

Located right outside the Dairy Building

Multiple people on Reddit said I needed to add this to my list so here we go. Marinated chicken on a bed of fried rice. Mighty tasty.

(Editor’s Note: Can confirm this is MORE THAN deserving of being on the list. If you’re looking to “keep it light” you can always skip the rice and get it (you guessed it) on a stick.

Tom Thumb Mini Donuts

I’ve included multiple beverages with mini donuts, and there’s just no way to skip the best mini donuts at the fair!

Please share your favorite Minnesota State Fair Foods or drinks!

I’m sure I missed a ton of incredible options, and there’s no saying I won’t go back and update this list. Or maybe there are 37 hidden gems at the fair I don’t know about yet. What are your favorite Minnesota State Fair Foods? If you see me and my crew, come say hi and tell me what you think!

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