4th of July: Overrated or Not?


July 4th is America’s holiday. It is the day of drinks, fireworks and spending time with friends. The real question now, though, is July 4th overrated or not?

4th of July as a Kid

When you really learn what some of the main attractions of the 4th are, it’s funny that it is so loved as a kid. At least for me, it was one of my favorite days. Even when I was too young to be doing the fireworks, there were still adults doing the fireworks and I got to watch. Sparklers were extent of what was allowed but at that age it was more than enough.

The firework shows were the main attraction but watching all the ones bought at the store was amazing too. When I got a little older but was still a “kid” I could start doing them on my own. Now this is when the 4th became amazing, doing Roman candles, bottle rockets, and all the other beginner fireworks was pure bliss. Something about being the one to actually light the fireworks too made it even better. It could be dangerous but that was part of the fun, the 4th was truly a great holiday when young.

4th of July as an Adult

When you learn having some drinks is such a big part of 4th of July, you realize it is a great Holiday as an Adult. After I turned 21 and I was “legally” allowed to drink but was still in my low 20’s, the 4th might have been the best Holiday. During the summer, it was the weekend I looked forward to the most. Being able to go up to my friends cabin with all the boys is amazing any time.

When you add in being able to drink and do a bunch of fireworks, well it just turned into the best Holiday. I don’t really condone drinking and doing fireworks, but it’s going to happen. When there is a bunch of young guys together for the 4th it is inevitable.


Only 1 of my buddies over all of those years ever actually got kind of hurt. That is a pretty good success ratio if you ask me.

In conclusion,

HELLLLL NO the 4th of July isn’t overrated. It’s one of the best Holidays out there. Truthfully, it gets even better as you get older. Now whether that is because other Holidays get worse or the 4th actually gets better it still gets better. Just being with friends and family while drinking, grilling and doing fireworks. That is almost as good as it gets when you are an adult. Enjoy it and don’t take this great day for granted. I hope all you have a great 4th and celebrate accordingly!