We need to fix NBA basketball

5 Fixes for NBA Basketball

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NBA basketball finished up last Thursday with the Warriors getting that 4th ring. Curry especially destroyed the Celtics while locking up Finals MVP and a place as a NBA great. Not to mention, Klay pulled off the greatest comeback in history.

First, he won 3 finals in 5 years while getting hurt in the last one. Then, he fought injuries for 2 and a half seasons before lacing them up midway through 2022. Now, he’s a four time champ after his first half season back on the court.

Everyone’s always talking about Steph Curry, but Klay’s the guy with 4 rings in his last 6 healthy/full seasons. Don’t forget he’s been in the Finals in each of those 6 years too. Maybe he’s the real glue that holds this thing together. I mean this is the pettiness of a guy who only plays in the chip.

Regardless, the Celtics lost, Jayson Tatum scored 13 points in an elimination game, and all is right in the world. Except for 1 minor thing. NBA basketball is more broke than me in my 7th year of college. And let me tell you, that’s saying something. P.S. I’m a 3rd-year grad transfer in the portal in case any coach still needs a savvy veteran presence in the locker-room. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about because 10K Takes has 5 ways to fix NBA basketball.

5 Ways to Fix NBA Basketball:

1. Make the Ball Smaller and Flatter:

Guy’s like Kyrie and Steph can do anything they want with a basketball. Hesitations, behind-the-backs, crossovers, Shammgod’s, walking the dog. You name it, they can do it. Therefore, we need to make the ball smaller and flatter to see the real athletes come to play. The hand-eye coordination and skill needed to handle a ball with those dimensions would be insane.

2. Make the Net Larger and More Square:

If we down the ball size and make it harder to dribble, I suppose it’s fair to make the net easier to score on. Points are the name of the game. My old man always use to say, ”the team that scores more points wins 100% of the time most of the time.”

3. Allow Fighting:

One of the most famous games in NBA basketball history goes by the nickname, “The Malice in the Palace.” The all out brawl between the Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, and a few lucky fans holds a place in NBA history. The excitement a few punches brings to Americans is unmatched. I mean they even made a documentary about it. Fights get views. Simple as that.

4. Put the Players in Time Out for Fouling too Much:

The #1 biggest complaint of NBA basketball is 100% the fouling. Whether it’s the refs blowing their whistle every time James Harden looks at a basketball or players fall down like Lee Harvey Oswald took a shot at them from the grassy knoll, plays like this cannot happen in a professional sport.

As a result, every time a player get’s a foul, they head to the foul chair. It’s needed…real bad.

5. Throw Some Ice Down Over the Court:

First of all, basketball season goes directly through the winter. Secondly, these men play in tank tops and shorts while it’s -26 freakin degrees out. None of that makes sense. Not even in the slightest. Let’s make basketball a true winter sport and add some ice to the mix. Heck, we might as well throw some skates, helmets, and pads while we’re at it. At least give them a fighting chance on the ice.

Making the ball smaller and flatter, the nets larger and squarer, allowing fighting, creating a timeout chair, and putting some ice down would be unbelievable for the sport of basketball. The changes would take some getting used to, but in a matter of time, this might just be the world’s most popular sport. If you’re having a hard time imagining, here’s what it might look like.