5 Things to Get You AMPED for the 2022 College Football Season!

Football NCAA

The 2022 NCAA football season is less than a month away and there are plenty of reasons to be excited. The last college football action was 7 long months ago. Let’s take some time to reflect on some of the awesome things we can all appreciate about college football as we are now less than a month away from kicking off the season!

15+ Hours of Games & Coverage

One of the many reasons college football is so great, is that it’s always there for you on Saturdays. College Gameday starts at 8 am Central Time and kickoff is typically 11 pm Central time for a Hawaii home game. So whether you need to mow the lawn, make a run to the grocery store or run any other errands, the action will still be going when you get back! If you’re lucky you may even be able to catch the end of the Hawaii game when you get home from the bar at 2 am.

8 AM Beers

Catching the games on TV is great, but nothing beats gameday at the stadium. Growing up as a Minnesota fan this meant more often than not getting to the tailgate lot by 7:30 or 8 in the morning for an 11 am game. 11 am kickoffs are foul to many, but I love it and you should too! That first beer at the tailgate on a Saturday morning is therapeutic and sets the tone for what is going to be a great day of football. The morning beers serve as a reward for waking up early on a Saturday and I look forward to it every Gopher Gameday.


You know the drill. If you look good, you play good. Uniforms are one thing the college game for sure does better than the NFL. College football holds the power of tradition and modernity. Recently Notre Dame released their Shamrock Series uniforms for their October matchup against BYU in Las Vegas. These uniforms are like a white version of the 2020 NFL pro bowl uniforms. Yet the classic gold helmets sported by the Irish still have so much swag. It blows my mind how college uniforms can consistently be so much better than other professional teams. Oregon has more uniform combinations in one season than the Vikings have had in the history of their franchise.

Betting the Over

Life it too short to bet the under. Even if you don’t like the teams playing, you can always root for points. It’s safe to say more points are indeed more fun. Bet the big numbers too, even if that total creeps into the 70’s or even low 80’s. This is best exemplified in two rivalry games that involve Oklahoma. The Sooners always seem to throw out their defensive playbook in the Red River Rivalry and Bedlam games where they matchup with Texas and Oklahoma State respectively. That’s football in its greatest form. All action, all the time. For reference the highest scoring college football game combined for 126 points in 2021. Wake Forest defeated Army (yes, Army) by a score of 70-56 so the sky is the limit when betting the over. Worst case scenario, flip the channel to a more interesting game if the game is trending under.

Watching Your Rival Lose

As a Minnesotan, watching our foes to the East or South lose on any given Saturday is almost as fulfilling as a Gophers win. It’s always comforting to see that your rival isn’t any better than your team after all. 2021 brought many memories and the 2022 football season is sure to provide the same level of excitement!