5 Things I Hate This Week: Volume 3

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3 weeks in a row?! Let’s see if we can think of 5 things I hate this week. Side note: I love this blog by Kid Jen and this laugher from Journalist Jake (AKA Kirk Cousins).

1. Paying Extra for Condiments

I know I hate a lot of things, but this may be number 1. Are the margins that slim at your billion-dollar fast-food company that I have to pay extra for some Honey Mustard? I just paid $50+ for a steak, does the restaurant really need the extra 80 cents for some melted butter? The answer should always be NO! Based on principle, not that I cannot afford the extra charge, I have started boycotting restaurants solely because of the extra charges. No longer will you see me at Chipotle because $1.95 for a dollop of guacamole is BANANAS!

2. Every Scene in Game of Thrones That Wasn’t the Stark Family

In every series or TV Show, you gradually begin to side with one character or a group of characters. Never has this been more true than with Game of Thrones and the Stark family/storyline. I understand that the families in the show are inexplicably and intricately linked, however, there is something that is much more likable about the Stark family. On my second watch-through of the show, I found myself skipping the parts of the show that didn’t involve a Stark member. I expect to get some backlash from the hardo GOT fans that idolize Dany and her dragons but that’s fine.

Bonus GOT content: This trailer from the prequel looks unreal. The first notes of the theme song should get the juices flowing if you know what I mean.

3. People Who Include Their Pets when counting their Children

I know this is an oddly specific thing that I hate, but I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that feels this way. If in the middle of a casual conversation about our families I happen to ask “So, how many children do you have?” and the answer is along the lines of ” Well I have 2 boys and my little German shepherd is a girl”. End of conversation. I absolutely hate people who do that. It will 100% lead to awkward silence or I’ll just walk away from you.

4. People Who Tell Me I’m Overweight Like I Have No Idea

Now for those of you who don’t know, I am from the former Soviet Union. My parents moved to the greatest country in the world in 1990 and had me in 1992. They come from a small cucumber-producing (most cucumbers per capita in the world) village of about 7,000.

The village is known for 2 things, the aforementioned cucumber, which feeds most of Russia, and being extremely rude when it comes to someone’s weight. People from there have absolutely no filter. They simply believe they are doing you a favor when mentioning that you have gained weight. Let me set the record straight, the first person to notice weight gain is the one you are ripping. I know my t-shirts no longer fit! I know I break a sweat when doing the most simple tasks. You do not need to remind me! If any local weight loss places out there want to sponsor my weight loss journey my DM’s are always open. (BTW Nick Lewis sums this issue up nicely)

5. PJ Fleck

This may be the toughest paragraph I will ever have to write. I was the biggest PJ guy and now I’m not. All the slogans worked for me. I tried to be elite every day. Then after last weekend’s performance against Iowa, and the huge letdown games vs Bowling Green and Illinois, those slogans now ring hollow. If you want to build “culture” be a high school football coach. I want guys who are dogs on the field regardless of who they are off the field. I sometimes wonder whether PJ Fleck is missing out on guys who could be difference-makers because they somehow don’t fit the “culture” of the program. If that is the case, PJ needs to quit taking himself so seriously and bring in guys who can actually beat Iowa and Wisconsin.