6MOY: Naz Reid


Naz Reid is your 6th Man of the Year!!! From going undrafted to being a huge part of this amazing Wolves team. It has been a long ride for fan favorite Naz Reid to get to this point. Congrats Naz, you are finally getting that recognition you deserve. Naz Reid.

It has been a SPECIAL year for Naz and this entire Minnesota Timberwolves team. From finishing near the top of the West to having the likely DPOY and now the 6th Man of the Year on our team. This has been an incredible season, one I don’t think any Wolves fan has taken for granted. No matter what happens no one will forget this season.

We are in the heart of the playoffs but it is time to take a step back and give Naz his flowers. He went from being unknown to being a fan favorite and 6th Man of the Year. Minnesota loves you Naz and we can’t wait for many more years together.


This man has become a Minnesota legend, a cult leader, and now 6th Man of the Year. A season from a storybook it has been for our beloved Naz.

He finished the year averaging around 14pts, 5rbs and shooting 40% from 3. That is pretty good for a backup center I would say. Kat being hurt for a bit definitely helped his numbers but most other 6th man of the years had stints as a starter too. Regardless of the boost from when he started or Monk getting hurt, he is more than deserving. When this team needed a boost, Naz was usually there. Especially when Kat went out, Naz stepped up in a huge way to help keep us afloat.

Whether it is a poster dunk or an in-and-out dribble, we usually get a Naz highlight every night. Here are some of the best this year.

I could say so many things about Naz, everyone knows how loved he is here. He pretty much has his own cult following. You all saw Naz Reid towel night and probably the “Honk if you Love Naz Reid” sign. This is a legend in the making for Wolves fans. If we can add to the lore somehow and win a ring…well the love for him would skyrocket to new heights.

No matter what happens in these playoffs, Naz is a legend here and it’s been a special season. If we lose this or the next round? Well, Naz is still the 6th Man of the Year and it was still a special season. Let’s hope we don’t have to worry about that just yet though.

Naz Reid, you are the 6th Man of the Year and have made Wolves fans proud. Keep balling out and help us make our deep run. One more time everyone, Naz Reid!!!

Here is even a blog I did a few weeks ago talking about Naz!

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