7 Bets You “Must” Place For Super Bowl Sunday

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The most bittersweet day of the year is about to arrive. The Super Bowl. The best game of the year also comes with a downfall. It’s the last football game of the year. Two months from now the USFL will be starting up, but let’s not kid ourselves now. Why would we be excited about that? Oh yeah because we are big degenerates who will be feening like a crack addict for our fix.

Anyways back to the reason, all you degenerates are here! To see what ‘7’ bets I’m talking about to place this Super Bowl Sunday.

Not Your Typical Betting Slip

Let me start off by saying all 7 of these bets aren’t bets you can make on your typical Sunday. These are the bets that make you so excited for Super Bowl Sunday. The outcome of the game is always to bet on, but so is betting on all the random shit this game delivers. From the Coin toss all the way to the dumping of the Gatorade, you can truly bet on the most random shit you can think of.

Here’s my 7 bets that you must place for this Super Bowl Weekend.

7. Coin Toss

Starting off my bet slip we have an absolute must-bet every single super bowl. The Coin toss. This is where my betting night starts. My advice for you? Do what you would call EVERY time you pick up a coin. Or do it the way we did it last year. Personally, I’ve always been on the “Tails never fails train”. Unfortunately, the last two years have landed on heads but it will never not be the most thrilling bet of the night. This is the year we return to glory and start our Super Bowl on the right note.

Watch this video of me during the coin toss of the 2019 super bowl and give me one good reason why you wouldn’t bet on the coin toss. This is pure happiness at its finest.

6. Andy Reid Special: Will they mention or show clip/picture of Andy Reid competing in Punt/Pass/Kick Contest

Yes, this is a real bet and you can get “yes” at +115. Have the bookmakers already seen the script of what will be seen/shown and know everyone will bet yes? I don’t even remember which game or when it was but I have seen them show this video multiple times. If you are unfamiliar with what this bet is referring to here you go.

13 Year Old Andy Reid

13 years old my ass. How can you not talk about this every time you have a chance to mostly on the biggest broadcast of them all?

5. First Enforced Penalty: Pass Interference +500

Another one of those WTF bets, that you end up placing and forgetting about. What will the first accepted penalty be? An early pass interference is your answer. Doesn’t matter which team or which side of the ball, all we need is a pass interference to be the first flag thrown. Nothing much else to it other then this is the best bang for you buck. (Holding is +130 as favorite).

4. Team To Call First Timeout- Eagles +100

Betting on which team calls the first timeout? Electric. Another one of those bets that can hit right away or might take until the last couple of minutes of the first half. Why am I picking the Eagles? One video I watched talked about how Andy Reid always calls the first timeout this season. To be exact its 15/19 games (79%), while Nick Sirianni is on the opposite side only calling the first timeout in 7/19 games this season (37%).

So after those stats why the Eagles? Because Mahomes and Andy Reid have been here before and I think Hurts/Sirianni shit their pants early and call a panic timeout. In the past two Super Bowls for the chiefs they are 1-1 for this bet. 2-1 will look real nice wont it?

3. Will Any Player Record Exactly 69 Pass, Rush or Receiving Yards +690 (Ha-Ha-Ha)

This is why I love betting on weird ass props during the Super Bowl. Getting horrible odds but I’m still too immature to not bet on this. So basically we need one receiver or rusher to get exactly 69 yards and we cash our +690 bet. Like I said horrible odds but when Jalen Hurts ends up with exactly 69 rushing yards I’ll be laughing and wiping my tears with my winning bet slip.

2. Gatorade Color

Odds are different on every site… just going off these.

One of the most bet-on things during the Super Bowl is what color of Gatorade will get dumped on the coach after the big win. It’s basically a guessing game but I want to acknowledge the color that has the “best” odds. Respectfully, HOW is Yellow/Lime the leading candidate? I’m biased but that COLOR sucks. People willingly drink that color when all the others are available?

After watching this video I now understand why Lime is leading, but it’s just another reason why the Chiefs need to stop the Eagles at all costs. Does anyone know what color the Chiefs had in their jug when they got killed against the Bucs a couple of years back? Convincing myself to choose Orange even though Blue was my original answer. Also really love None @ +1400 for some reason. A walk-off FG and there’s no chance to dump the Gatorade maybe? Whatever color you think just throw a little bet on the color you believe it will be. No matter what happens with your other bets you will have something to cheer for at the end which is all that matters.

1. Super Bowl MVP

Ending the list we have another bet that technically won’t be decided till after the game. Betting on the Super Bowl MVP is another must-bet every year.

Step one: Look at the MVP odds and find someone down the list who you think might be able to win.

Step Two: Convince yourself they can win it, even when you truly know it’s probably not going to happen.

Do QBs Always Win It?

Now I’m sure you are looking at the odds and wondering “Do QBs always win MVP”. The answer is NO, but in 31 outta the 57 Super Bowls, the MVP has been brought home by a QB. Last year Cooper Kupp took home the MVP, marking 2 times in 4 years that a WR has brought home the trophy.

Do Defensive Players Ever Win?

Defensive players on the other hand have won the award 4 times since 2001. Could we get our first defensive player since 2016 (Von Miller.) Could this be the year a defensive player takes it home?

2016 Super Bowl MVP
Super Bowl 50 MVP

Running Backs?

This is a stat I was fully shocked by. No running back has won Super Bowl MVP since Terrell Davis did it in 1998. How in the world has a RB never won an SB MVP in my lifetime? Actually insane mostly when you consider my Super Bowl MVP pick I’m about to give.

Whose My Picks?

The reason you guys got this far. To see who I’m going to pick to win it all.

#1 Choice: Isaiah Pacheco (+5000)

Ignore what the picture says above, his odds have now gone up 500 and are sitting at +5000. Why did I pick him?

Step One: Found a player down the list I can picture winning it.

Step Two: Isaiah Pacheco can easily win MVP because everyone is expecting Mahomes to do all the magic but what if this is the year an RB finally delivers in the big game? One big run? Cash it. Mahomes drives them down the field but Pacheco delivers multiple TD? Cash it. Pacheco is going to be the difference maker in this game and that’s why he will win MVP. I’ll also be sprinkling Jerick McKinnon (+6000).

Others to Watch/Bet

  • Devontae Smith (WR) (+3300)
  • Chris Jones (Defense) (+5000)
  • Jerick McKinnon (RB) (+6000)
  • Kenneth Gainwell (RB) (+10,000)

The last time an RB won the super bowl MVP, I was sitting in my Moms’s belly still. Unless your name is Miles Sanders this would be a great year to break that drought.

Super Bowl MVP
1998 Super Bowl MVP- RB Terrell Davis

If you find yourself debating on if you want to bet or not for the big game just remember one thing. THERE’S NO MORE NFL FOOTBALL FOR 6 MONTHS. Find some fun props and throw some pocket change on them… There are hundreds of bets on the stupidest things you can imagine. You’re bound to find something you will find entertaining. Enjoy some great food, and win all your bets!

PS. Chiefs ML (+105) Is The Play!