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A Holiday And MLB The Show 21 Releases? 4/20 Is A Great Fucking Day

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As a grown ass man, there are very few days on the calendar that can get me excited. I was always a big fan of my birthday. 6 days before Christmas, everything is supposed to be amazing and merry, right? Wrong. In 2nd grade, my crush broke up with me on that fateful day before she got on the bus. Fast forward to 2012, more bullshit. Someone blew chunks in the bathroom. All over the toilet and diaper changing station, and maintenance was absent that day. Lucky 17-year-old Age. I began to realize that days are just days, and they will be either good or bad. One day that I have found to work against that narrative however, is 4/20.

Being an avid pothead, I will find any opportunity to smoke. I’ve been an everyday smoker for about 5 years now, save for the few T-breaks I’ve gotten going on family “vacation”. But don’t be fooled, readers, we never let it mess with our work ethic. In fact when I managed at Jimmy John’s, hitting a wax pen in the walk-in cooler was the only thing getting me through the day sometimes. It serves as a release for me, much like drinking is for a lot of others.

But the plans to celebrate a big day of consumption are much different. Instead out going out and parading the streets like a toddler learning to walk, I stay inside. My roommates and I usually plan on lining up 4:20 pm with a cringeworthy song with a MASSIVE joint or bowl in hand. No plans yet, but a cross joint might have to be in the works for out annual appointment.

4/20 Friendly Cross Joint
Just trying to do Seth Rogen proud.

Could This Be The Best 4/20 Ever?

This year, however, shit is different. We all thought 4/20 of 2020 would be legendary, and then…2020 happened. So this is the makeup year. And how are we making it up?

The release of MLB The Show 21 lines up with our perfect holiday. This year being the first time it’s available on Xbox means a lot. No longer am I limited to screaming at a football video game while celebrating 4/20. I don’t have to deal with 14-year-olds playing at breakneck speeds with their fingers on Cold War. Could I play other games? Absolutely. But I rarely have time to dive into a Call of Duty campaign, much less playing a RPG with a 30-hour storyline. And that’s on the low side of things. Which is one thing I’m curious for with The Show. How long will it take for an exhibition game? Being it’s a baseball video game, and real baseball games tend to last an eternity IRL as the kids say. I get annoyed when a game of Madden takes me 28 minutes.

MLB The Show 21 released 4/20
ain’t she beautiful? 😍

The day will be too much for me to handle. But for anyone else, April 20th will probably just be another Tuesday. I personally hate Tuesdays, it’s the worst day of the week. Not a great day for things happening in the sports world. So this is kinda nice. I would say it means more to me, but it doesn’t. After all, I’m just happy to have a fucking day off in the middle of the week.