A Mediocre Update

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As all of us Minnesota sports fan know, it sucks being us, right? The number of tears that pour out of our eyes year after year is truly disgusting, but we continue to be hopeful. But why? WHY?

Let’s look at the Wild, Vikes and Wolves and do a breakdown with some predictions.

Minnesota Wild

It had seemed like the Wild had figured some stuff out and we were excited! Only until the injury plague struck St. Paul while making us look completely lost against the Seattle Sea Monsters.

If we’re lucky to get at least one player back for the west coast trip, this will be GREAT for the team. We’re lacking physical play right now and having a bigger body back will certainly make a difference.

Upcoming week prediction:

11/8 @ LA Kings (loss) – Marco Rossi will score

11/9 @ Anaheim (win) – Marco Rossi will score

11/11 @ Seattle (win) – Marco Rossi will score

Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings (6-1-0) are 1st in the NFC North while the former second-grade flag football champion Packers struggle on all fronts. You’d think hippy lead captain Aaron Rodghairs would do something to fix it but he’s too busy ridiculing the team.

Some exciting news came out of Minneapolis this past week to help solidify the 1st place spot (hopefully) was signing former Lions TE, TJ Hockenson!

With this pick up and the momentum we continue to build off of, will the Vikings keep it going in Washington???

Upcoming prediction:

11/6 @ Washington (win)

Minnesota Timberwolves

On the basketball front, why hasn’t the coaching staff made the appropriate and obvious changes necessary to bring on more wins for the team? For an organization that’s supposed to take the league by storm this year it certainly looks like the team from the movie, Rebound.

I think they’ll address the issues and figure it out, but we certainly need more from all players and not just the obvious. It’s a team effort, not 3-4 players.

Upcoming week prediction:

11/7 vs. Knicks (win)

11/9 vs. Suns (loss)

11/11 @ Grizzlies (loss)


It’s going to be a busy week of sports for us Minnesota fans, but it’s going to be fun. I think. But let me come back to you next Saturday with my true feelings. Will my predictions be right?