A Minnesota Hidden Gem: Meric’s Woodfire Oven and Tav

Everything Else

There are many hidden gems in the fine state of Minnesota. That ranges from restaurants to coffee shops, to small clothing stores. The most fun and common though is restaurants and I found a great one. Meric’s in Hampton, Minnesota is one you have to hear about.

A few weeks ago, I was out to sushi with the family and my mom told me about this place. With my love of pizza, you know I was interested. With no knowledge of this oasis we went and had a great experience.

Hidden Gem?

Before we talk about that though, what describes a hidden gem? Is it the place being in a small town? Is it the place that’s not often talked about? Each person probably has his or her owns definition and I think that’s fine. To me, this place was a hidden gem because it is in a small town and isn’t much talked about as far as I know. I truly apologize to them if calling it a hidden gem is a negative thing or if I’m assuming they aren’t popular, so please know I definitely don’t mean that. Now, it’s time to talk about the food.

Woodfire Pizza

Merics is known for woodfire pizza and some of the best I’ve ever had. In the past I’ve noticed woodfire pizza can be done poorly, this, however, was done pretty damn well. I wish it was a little bit crispier but it was outstanding as is. The pizza I got might be the reason why.

The Big Shot

The BigShot is a pizza with a Monterey jack cheese spread, mozzarella, sliced sausage, bacon, smoked chicken and a Thai honey. It is soooooooo good and whatever the cheese spread they used as the sauce was an absolute game changer. I know this isn’t a traditional type of pizza but my God it was excellent.

Pepperoni, Dill and a Return Trip in the Future

The regular pepperoni was pretty good and they have a surprisingly good dill pickle pizza too, so don’t knock it till you try it! I’m absolutely planning on going back to try their other options and to get the BigShot again (so amazing). You guys have to make a trip here if you have time. Grab yourself a delicious pizza and you can’t forget about the tap beer. You can even lose some money playing tabs while you wait…

If you guys wanna check out the menu, here you go: https://www.mericswoodfire.com/menu

Trust me, it’s worth your time. Meric’s has an OUTSTANDING vibe and great food to go along with it! Even if it isn’t a great experience for you, I guarantee you it’ll at least be above average and you’ll be happy you gave it try. Reach out to me on Twitter or X or whatever it’s called (TheRealLancman8) if you give it a try!