A Potential Top-5 Seed, Playoff Push for…..the Timberwolves???

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Kat Three
Kat After a win

If you are a casual Timberwolves fan and only catch a game here or there while following along with the normal news headlines, you probably would have gave up on the season a week ago. Let’s get you caught up. After losing a third straight and Anthony Edwards leaving the Chicago game early due to injury, the sky was falling and the Wolves were on the edge of not even being in the play-in game. Now, here we sit. A half game out of the 6th playoff seed, and completely healthy for the first time all season. Yes, the Timberwolves are competing for a top-6 maybe even top-5 spot in the playoffs!

What a difference a week makes huh? Coming off of a 3 game win streak with the last two being lead by Franchise center Karl Anthony Towns who is back after missing the past 52 games straight. Anthony Edwards is back after rolling his ankle although still a little banged up he is giving it his all. Mike Conley has been a breath of fresh air on defense and controlling the floor. All while unlocking what Rudy Gobert does best which has caused his play to take a leap.

The Final Two Weeks tell the Playoff

Within Two weeks, we will know the Wolves fate when it comes to the Playoffs. With 7 games remaining it could lead to a shot at the play-in tournament or an outright playoff spot with extra rest for the guys who need it. With 4 out of the 7 teams being under .500 record wise, it points to a favorable schedule to end the season. But in typical Timberwolves fashion or should I say Minnesota fashion, when you are expected to win you lose a heartbreaker. Let’s hope Chris Finch can get his team locked in and ready to play with what’s on the line. A play-in game or missing the playoffs would be a gigantic disappointment with what this team paid for Rudy Gobert.

Final 7 Games

Don’t Hate, Appreciate

I feel as though I could write this for every player on the Wolves roster except for Ant. Everybody loves Ant. Meanwhile, Kat has took hate from everybody for being out longer than he was supposed to and for a terrible playoff performance, but bounced back in a major way since he’s been back. Since the disliked acquisition of Mike Conley he has played extremely well and improved Rudy Gobert’s play over the past month. Everyone cursed Taurean Prince’s name when he threw the ball away which lead to a Wolves loss, only to have one of the greatest statistical shooting games in NBA History.

My point is we all jump to conclusions on this Wolves teams when the reality is they are a work in progress and will be until sometime next year. This group hasn’t played with each other enough to know what they are. But in the meantime, realize this is probably the 3rd best Wolves team in the past 19 years. I’m not joking either. Coach Chris Finch just became the 2nd coach to hit 100 wins as a Timberwolves coach. While embarrassing, that puts this team and season in perspective. Enjoy quality basketball and get behind these guys all while hoping and expecting effort out of multi-million dollar athletes.

Its a big week in the Wolves Den, three wins vs the kings, suns and Lakers would all but ensure us the 6th spot and maybe more. Nose to the Grindstone, step on there throats and pray to god KAT is watching those gorilla fighting videos before games so he comes out with some fight.

Howl, my friends.