Aaron Rodgers Just Shit On The Packers Franchise

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Every now and then, there’s an interview with an athlete and a niche media company that grabs the headlines. That happened this week with Aaron Rodgers joining the PMT guys for a breathtaking interview. I listen to those guys on and off, only tuning in when it’s really juicy. So this interview pulled no punches, considering the relationship that Big Cat has with A-Rog. Among all things in this interview though, Aaron admits what we’ve all had a strong hunch about. The shareholder bullshit means nothing!

The Packers franchise is the weirdest thing to me, honestly. You have this “hometown” team, that lives in a tiny fucking city in fucking Wisconsin with all this glamour behind them. The football epitome of Fenway Park as your field, yet we need the help of HALF A MILLON people to support it’s upgrades. And now your god, your beloved MVP has shit all over what little these shareholders have. To some random Tim in Wisconsin, that 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper means everything. And now it means nothing.