Jack Leverentz, Jake Bringgold, and Zane Wagner started 10,000 Takes because we wanted to deliver local media in an authentic, unfiltered, and relatable way. As three guys in our early 20’s, we wanted people to consume content that they can relate to without any regulation or guardrails that keep people from being their true selves. So the three of us built a website and started writing comedic blogs around Minnesota sports, events, and activities. Specifically, the first blog published on the site was “Twins Pitcher Randy Dobnak Looks Like a Guy Who Owns Three Motorcycles MINIMUM”. On top of our day jobs, we put every waking minute into the website and the social media channels, putting out as much content as the three of us could possibly make. Over time, people started following us for our local sports memes and our funny personalities.

Left to right: Jake Bringgold, Jack Leverentz, and Zane Wagner

Fast forward two years to the current day…. We have over 30 people who work for us from content creators to editors to event planning personnel. We have acquired over 115,000 followers across all social media platforms, reached 52 million people from July 2020 – July 2021, hosted 4 events including a 160 person charity golf tournament, broke the record for the longest beer cup snake in North America that was mentioned in ESPN, and our flagship podcast “It’s a Bit” is now on 100.3 FM KFAN in a radio-friendly format.

“10K Cup Snake Night” at a St.Paul Saints game
Breaking the North American record for the longest beer cup snake at CHS Field on 7/1/2021

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