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According to KAT, We Need to Cut Out Popeyes to Win

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First off, here is your Wolves content. I personally made it a goal for 10K to put out more about our beloved Timberwolves this season. We’re trying. So lets start with some stupid shit KAT said about Ant eating Popeyes

I’m not necessarily a KAT hater. There are plenty out there, and some at 10k, but I’m not one of them. When his game is on, he’s one of the best players to watch in a Wolves jersey. But aren’t we talking about the same guy who said he was going to crush some wine after the Wolves blew another huge lead last year’s playoffs?

Picture from The Sports Rush’s article linked above

There’s only one man in the league who can publicly admit he regularly drinks wine and wins games (sometimes):

If you’re new to this planet, his name is LeBron James. So I’m not convinced KAT is an expert when it comes to what you put in your body to win…Also, the Wolves just played a shit game, that’s it.


Based on the stats that Josh provided in the tweet above, it sounds to me like the Timberwolves just need to play better basketball. It’s so simple! How about we make more 3’s and not let the other team score over 100 points through 3 quarters. Just my casual fan take, I’m not an expert.

Personally, I hate Popeyes too; I can agree with KAT on that. Ant should stop eating Popeyes and get himself the best chicken the twin cities has to offer…Raising Cane’s.