Adrian Peterson Is Going to Box Le’Veon Bell?

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Every athlete tends to have their time in the sun. Some get longer careers than others. Some people are fucking Tom Brady, so the range of outcomes is always interesting. And sometimes, it’s about what you’ve done AFTER your career than defines you.

For a while, most Vikings fans have known that Adrian Peterson’s better days are behind him. I knew it when he left us for the hated Saints, and then proceed to claim that he’d run for over 100 yards in the 2017 opener. This was not your typical revenge game sorry to say, he had 18 yards. Fuck him for that, but I understand him wanting to leave because he wasn’t the guy anymore. Fast forward 5 years later, and he has taken a route many washed athletes do: PPV boxing?

If you showed this Tweet to someone in 2017, they would probably laugh hysterically. Le’Veon Bell was a fucking god 5 years ago, that man was shift team certified and was a fantasy GOAT. Now, he’s almost more washed than AP is, That’s what going to the New York Jets will do for your career.

These 2 stars have come to blows with their playing career. After playing for nearly half the NFL after he left the Vikes, AP is taking his ruthless aggression to the ring. We all know he can flip the switch and go beast mode, so my money on AP to win at +140 is cash well spent. What, too soon?

In 2022, we have come into the age of athletes and YouTubers squaring off in the ring for cash and Twitter fame. This fight is just another page to this weird niche sporting event section. I guess the Paul brothers were onto something after all.