After The First Weekend, The 10K Bracket Challenge May Kill Us All

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Sooooooooo after Day One of the NCAA March Madness Tournament, we had some controversy with the 10K Bracket Challenge. I think we, as rational adults, can all agree that Voss pulled some shit. Well, it appears that cheaters only kinda prosper here. After the first weekend, and what a first weekend it was, the group is largely in shambles. Here are your standings going into the Sweet Sixteen.

10K Bracket Challenge Standings Before Sweet Sixteen

I say the group is in shambles, but I mainly mean me.

I will never forgive Yale for what they did to my favorite team my bracket. And that’s not even accounting for the fact that I had Brown +650 to win the Ivy League Tournament before this happened. It’s a garbage school, the worst Ivy League by far, and the reason Rory Gilmore chooses to go there is because she wasn’t good enough for Harvard. I said it.

Anyway, now that I got my personal feelings and beef out of the way, let’s talk about the winners and losers of the 10K Bracket Challenge so far.

The Winners (so far):


Honestly, who woulda thunk Sarge would have the second-best odds to win it all after the first weekend? Seriously, look at us him. Who would have thought? Not me! Apparently, we need to add ball-knower to Sarge’s bio… Right after Blog-Master and Sex Icon.

10K Bracket Challenge Sarge


Lucast currently sits in 6th place but has the best odds to win it all according to the computers.

10K Bracket Challenge Adam

As long as UConn, North Carolina, and Iowa State all lose before the championship game, Lou has a damn good chance at taking home the grand prize of…something. If he does pull this off, I think we all should change our bracket names this year to Trying To Win since it clearly works.


Honestly, what more can I say other than lol. Apparently, Veech just reaaaaally knows College Sports. He currently sits in second and has the third-best odds to win it all. Maybe he should pivot to basketball? Or perhaps he will dominate both puck and hoop? Can one man have it all?

10K Bracket Challenge Veech



My undying love for Auburn has once again proven to be my downfall. Even though I have a chance to win it all if conditions are right, I really shot myself in the foot by being a homer.

10K Bracket Challenge Dev

What’s perhaps the most frustrating is that I’m sitting in third. The rest of my bracket is pretty good, I just refused to support Bama (which, in my defense, was almost the right move) and over-supported Auburn. War Eagle forever though. I regret nothing and everything all at the same time.


Voss cheated her way all the way to fourth place and the 10th-best odds to win it all. Like I said before, cheaters never prosper.

10K Bracket Challenge Voss

The fact that she is still alive is fun. Though I do sincerely wonder how bad her other bracket must be doing. Wouldn’t it be funny if it was actually doing better?

Mike Brown!

Mike had Kentucky winning it all, which made him the only other person in the 10K Bracket Challenge to select an SEC champ. Which made Kentucky being the only first-round loss more embarrassing than Auburn’s that much funnier. He currently sits in 9th place, but the rest of his bracket is pretty solid.

Mike Brown Projections

Kentucky aside, his Final Four is intact with Arizona over UConn and Kentucky over Tennessee being his selections. Will his SEC faith bite him in the ass yet again? Honestly, probably.

Dead Last But Definitely Not A Loser: Marlow

I have no idea why Marlow picked Washington State to win it all. Honestly, Marlow doesn’t either. But while he is officially the first one eliminated from being the 10K Bracket Challenge winner, Marlow beat us all with the funniest bracket name of the year.

Marlow Can't Win

Tune back in next week when the Final Four is set to see how everyone’s doing in this year’s 10K Bracket Challenge. If you thought this was fun, you should be a part of our Frozen Four Bracket Challenge! And as always, don’t forget to sign up for the 10K Mailbag to learn fun secrets and how to be a more interesting human being.

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