Kirk Cousins shaking hands with Drew Brees

All I Want for Christmas is to beat the Damn Saints


Sunday’s loss to the Chicago Bears confirmed something for me: the season is pretty much over. We got ran through too many times to ever stand a damn chance in the game itself. Dalvin Cook had a better game running than he did in the last Bears game, but too much pressure on Kirk Cousins proved to be fatal. We suck again.

With a 2% chance to make the playoffs according to FiveThirtyEight, it’s going to have to be all about moral victories in the final 2 games for our favorite team (However our very own Lanky Dangles has a game by game guide on how the Vikings can make the playoffs). And for whatever reason, that doesn’t seem to worry me. The Vikings seem to be able to pull their heads out of their asses once in a while and win important games they have no business winning. This week the boys take on those cheaters from the bayou. That’s right, the hated New Orleans Saints.

Fuck, I could make an entire blog just dedicated to how much I hate the Saints. Drew Brees, Sean Payton, Alvin Kamara, Mr. Slantman aka Michael Thomas. All of them can go straight to hell. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to hell. From the mocking of the Skol Chant and premature celebrations before the best Vikings moment of our lives happened, the Minneapolis Miracle, ALL THE WAY BACK to the 2010 NFC Championship game with that bounty bullshit. Yes, I’m still bitter and that’s because we would have won the Super Bowl that year.

Fuck you, Sean Payton!

The haters are back out again this week. The Vikes are 7-point underdogs on the road coming off a short week. And…. this is a good old fashioned game on Christmas Day. A day usually reserved for the crybabies of Twitter (NBA fans), the NFL inserted themselves into the holiday picture, scheduling one of the best rivalries in recent memory within the NFC. Every game dating back to that fateful day in 2010 has been fairly close. Any lopsided games can be chalked up to the Vikings being the Vikings. We all know how that goes, Vikes gonna Vike.

So now I’m writing to you Santa, and all the Vikings fans reading this that have almost lost all hope. I know what it looks like now. The injury report yesterday looked like an elementary school’s B Honor Roll. And that’s including the BACKUPS. If this team has shown us anything this year, it’s that when we’re all finally starting to give up hope on them, they make up for it in a big fucking way. The Saints are one of the best teams in the NFL currently. Winning this game would officially clinch the NFC South for them and give them a comfy spot as the #2 seed for the playoffs. Let’s go down to NOLA boys and spoil Sean Payton’s Christmas!! Fuck that guy.

No matter what happens, I hope you all enjoy the game and get a good buzz on. I wish everyone reading this a very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Hopefully Santa brings you something you don’t hate.