Kirk Cousins woah

and the Oscar goes to…Kirk Cousins?

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The big game is upon us once again with Super Bowl 55 next Sunday. This year will look and feel a lot different with the current world circumstances. And that also includes the one thing all of us love and some of us exclusively look forward to: the ads. Some ads have come out already, with legends like Budweiser taking a bow from an ad this year to put the cash towards helping the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. Big fucking ups to them on that. Our guy Kirk Cousins is getting in on the action along with Best Buy to do a big game ad and, it was something…

The Breakdown

Let’s start with the outfit: very clean as always. Kirk always keeps it nice and simple and the same goes for here. The house: did they shoot this at his actual home? If so, that is a dope ass kitchen. I would have no problem going to his house and eating that spread, even if he’s not the best at seasoning his food. The clip of him moving all over the place claiming there’s not a bad seat in the house frightens me a little. I really hope he’s not the type of guy to be all over the place and change seats during the game. Find a spot and stay there: no time for the antsy shit.

When you see Za’Darius Smith coming at you 😳

The best part at the end is the spike and the disbelief arm cobra. I’m wondering if that’s how he felt on those 18 giveaways he had this year. I kid I kid! But seriously, what the hell are you doing spiking the ball in the house Kirk? Even if you have the money to replace it, you can’t be doing that around a massive fucking TV like that. Madden ratings adjustors, please knock his awareness rating down 3 points.