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Anna Kane, Ryan Hartman, and NHL Fans Remind The World Nobody Likes Evander Kane

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Evander Kane is a scumbag. We’ve talked about this at length before. So when noted dickhead Evander Kane went after Kirill, well… It didn’t end well for him.

Kane is, unfortunately, a very good hockey player. Which is why he keeps getting chance after chance in the league despite his teammates hating him, fans hating him, and his myriad of personal issues. But going after Kaprizov is a one way ticket to trouble. Hartzy and every Wild player on the ice immediately go after Kane.

Evander Kane: Softer than baby poo, dirtier than an oil spill, colder gambler than Bossman

So when Kane acts like a soggy cheeto about it after the fact, it should come as no surprise. Also something that is no surprise is how Hartman drops the quote of the year.

Well worth it, indeed. For his troubles, Hartzy was fined $4,250, the maximum allowable fine under the CBA. Instantly, DoPS replies are flooded with fans saying it was worth it. Moments later someone posts Hartzy’s Venmo which IMMEDIATELY begins filling up with Wild fans and fans from around the league.

Enter: The Ex-Wife

The real coup de grâce is Evander Kane’s ex-wife Anna contributing to the “Fuck Evander Kane” slush fund. Anna is (or at least was, before Kane stopped being able to pay his bills) receiving alimony from Evander. Which means $200 of Hartzy’s $4,250 fine comes indirectly from Kane’s contract. That’s just beautiful. True poetry.

When you get flipped off and the moment goes viral and everyone not contractually obligated to defend you says it’s a long time coming, you know that you’ve made a mistake in life, somewhere down the line.

If you want to contribute to the Ryan Hartman Relief Fund, or just want to see how many people are donating, a link to his Venmo is above and also right here. This isn’t the first time a Wild player has gotten toasty with an opponent, of course, but I think Hartman flipping the bird might be the funniest now. But the competition is close.

Maybe Evander Kane will stop acting like a baby back bitch. Maybe Oilers fans will take off their delusion goggles. Or, more likely, nothing will change and the Oilers will waste yet another year of Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl’s primes.

connor mcdavid vs kirill kaprizov meme
Free Connor

The craziest thing about this is somehow Hartman flipping Kane the bird wasn’t even the craziest thing to happen in the Twin Cities last night


God Bless Hartzy. The Birdman is a true beauty.