ANT Deserves An Oscar

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Anthony Edwards / Ant in a promo shot for the Netflix Original movie "Hustle"

This past weekend I got a chance to sit down and scroll through all my streaming services for about an hour before I remembered that Adam Sandler has a new movie out called “Hustle” on Netflix. I was a little hesitant because a lot of the movies Adam Sandler has made for Netflix just haven’t been any good.

It really sucks ass because I look up to him as a role model. Growing up I strived to be Happy Gilmore, Billy Maddison and Longfellow Deeds all in one. But this one was different with NBA stars, including our very own Anthony Edwards. And let me tell you, ANT deserves an Oscar.

What Can’t Anthony Edwards Do?

He’s in my opinion the best player on the Wolves and is one of the most promising rising stars in the entire NBA. But now he’s not only a rising star on the hardwood, but also on the big screen. Or your own fucking tv cause going to a movie theatre really isn’t a thing anymore.

He plays a fairly decent-sized role as Kermit Wilts, the “consensus #2 overall pick” trying to become the #1 pick, which is a fun nod to Ant’s actual journey. Ant is actually kind of the villain of the movie, who competes with former Timberwolf Juancho Hermangomez’s Bo Cruz for a shot at the NBA. It was a little odd to see him as the heel because he is such a nice and funny guy in real life.

But that’s all the more reason why Ant deserves an Oscar. Actually, all the NBA players acting in the movie are pretty damn good. I’m not going to be that guy and give away the whole movie so just go give it a watch.

Sandler Approved

After watching the movie I read some reviews and everyone LOVES ANT as an actor. But there’s even a better compliment coming from the king himself, Adam Sandler.

“He’s funny as s***”

Adam Sandler on Ant
Ant deserves an Oscar after being called "funny as shit" by Adam Sandler

Being told you’re “Funny as Shit” from a guy like Adam Sandler is pretty fucking amazing and who knows? Maybe this will lead to some more movies with Ant and Sandler. We can only hope. The campaign starts now, say it with us folks: Ant deserves an Oscar.