Ant got robbed by the NBA for an All-Star appearance

Ant got Robbed

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Anthony Edwards was robbed from his first All-Star game. There isn’t much else to say. Ant got robbed blind. I’m more heated about this than Sarge is about getting scammed buying a big hat.

Ant has been on an absolute tear of late. Besides him being on another level in the past few months, he is averaging 24.9 points, 6.1 rebounds, 4.6 assists on the year. This is after starting the year slow too. In his last 30 games he is averaging 26.5pts/6.5rbs/5 ast/2 stl.

Apparently, those stats aren’t All-Star worthy though, even when Ant has been carrying this injury riddled team. This just shows these national media guys and whoever makes these decisions don’t know as much as they like to think they do.

The Culprits

I don’t care about the positions, that honestly shouldn’t even matter when it comes to the reserves. That being said, in what world is PG-13 more deserving this year? Similar numbers and he’s missed almost 20 games. Don’t even try saying record or seeding because that shit does not and should not matter.

If it comes down to a tie breaker, maybe, but it is quite evident to any NBA fan that Ant is more deserving. This also sets a bad precedent about resting and load management. That should 100% play a factor in the decision. Ant has played every game and been so, so consistent in the past 25-30 games. It just doesn’t make much sense to me.

I know, I know, it’s the All-Star game. It really doesn’t even matter but it is still really annoying. You want to see your Stars rewarded for the success they are having. Ant probably needs the rest and maybe will have a chip on his shoulder but I still wanted to see him make it. I think every single Wolves fan wanted to see him rewarded.

Jaren Fruad Jackson Jr.

Just thinking about this makes me mad. Jaren Jackson Jr. made it over Ant, Fox, AD, Gordon, Devin Booker. How in the actual F is that possible? Even D Book has played more minutes than JJJ and he’s been hurt a lot. I understand he is a definite front court player compared to PG where he could be both, but Ant has played DOUBLE the minutes JJJ has.


Ant is so much better individually it isn’t even close. Even if you don’t think Ant got robbed (wrong) you can’t even begin to justify JJJ getting in.

Like… Jackson’s numbers aren’t even that good. That right there is an absolute joke. Even if you are going front court strictly I don’t know how he makes it over AD or Gordon. AD and him have played about the same minutes and AD’s numbers are miles better. This is another example of how BS the selections are.

Once again I understand it is the All-Star game, it doesn’t mean much. It is simply the fact that there is no consistent, definite understanding of what qualifies as an All-Star. There should be legit qualifications that need to be met. Whatever though, I will end my rant here.

Every Wolves fan knows Ant is more than deserving and he is a ALL STAR to us. He will be out for blood and will show everyone what a mistake they made. Go Wolves. See y’all soon.