Ant is BACK

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It’s about time, Ant.

While most of the state of Minnesota was tuned into the NCAA Frozen Four, Anthony Edwards reminded everyone why the Wolves are always a must-watch. Ant exploded with a career-high 49 points making 16 of his 28 shots. For Ant, this was a much-needed game after the slump he has been in the last month and a half. The budding superstar’s shot has looked more like mine at the YMCA throwing up hopes and prayers at the rim just begging them to go in.

But on a windy Thursday night in downtown Minneapolis, the Wolves turned on the Ant signal in hopes he would finally return to his old form.

Ant Signal.

When hope was all but lost..he finally returned.


Antman. The retrun of Ant.

What a night for Ant.

Over the past month and a half, you can look at box scores from the Timberwolves games and say “well he hasn’t been that bad?”. While that is true in a sense, we weren’t seeing what made him a superstar in the first place. From the crossovers to the out of nowhere blocks, along with the high flying slam dunks that had him featured on SportsCenter every time the wolves played. He was back to his old self, instead of settling for layups or contested step-back shots. We saw Ant head to the rim in hopes to put a spurs player in the coffin. As well as a step back three that almost sent Josh Richardson to the hospital for major ankle surgery.


In almost every other year in Minnesota Timberwolves basketball for the last 20 years, a game in April meant nothing. Normally the season was long over and the only people watching the wolves were the Diehards. Not anymore. The Wolves are firmly locked into the 7th seed with one game to play in the regular season. With Karl-Anthony Towns continuing his All-NBA form, Anthony Edwards returning to his old self, and D-Lo rounding out the Wolves’ big three with his quality play.

They are ready to make a playoff push with the hopes of being something other than a first-round exit. If they win their play-in game and end the season as the 7th seed, they will head to Memphis to take on the Grizzlies a team they have matched up well against throughout this year. With the return of Anthony Edwards, the team’s confidence is rising and so should the fans. Forget the typical Minnesota Sports mindset and be happy the Wolves are playing meaningful basketball in April.

The Sky’s The Limit (shoutout Lil Wayne) and Antman has his swagger back.