Ant is H1M


The Wolves may be down 3-1 to Denver, but if it isn’t know already it is now.

Ant is H1M.

Anthony Edwards has shown up in the bright lights and has come to play. Sadly it can’t be said for the rest of the team, (cough cough, Kat) but Ant has made it well known he IS that guy and this is his team now. Unfortunately the series is probably over, but it leaves you wondering how will they maximize this team to help Ant for the future? All of this is assuming we lose this series and since I’m a Minnesota sports fan I assume that, sadly.

Trade Kat?

The most talked about situation of late is trading Kat. Kat is an amazing player, but even I now have questions about if he is built for the big moments. He has been pretty mediocre in this first round and continues his mediocrity in the playoffs. Does this mean we should trade him? Truthfully they need to just run it back and hope everyone is healthy. If they do that and they get bounced round 1 again, then it would make sense that he is the guy they move. He will get you the best return and it will be time to just maximize the team around Ant. Until then, it’s all just talk and what if’s.

Trade Gobert?

It has been made pretty clear how bad the Gobert trade was, so does that mean you take the L and trade him? It doesn’t make much sense to do that in my opinion. You will get pennies on the dollar back and Gobert has been fine. Just not worth all we gave him fine. Keeping him and moving someone else to maximize and build around Ant makes a lot more sense in my eyes. Most of Wolves nation hates Gobert but you have to be realistic at some point. They will at least run it back then after that, well who knows what happens but we will just have to wait and see.


This blog was supposed to be about Ant , so let’s talk about his greatness.

Ant is a STUD, a true Superstar in the making. Things haven’t gone well winning wise, but to say Ant hasn’t shown up would be so wrong. He has been the best player in most of his early career playoff games. The man is also a natural leader, at 21 years old! He is special, and if it isn’t clear that this is Ant’s team, we know now. The front office NEEDS to figure out how to build around him, and if they fuck it up…welp. Don’t even know what you could say if they do mess it up. Ant is a real star, a true number 1 option. As bleak as the future may look because of the Gobert trade, we still have a dawg. As long as we have Anthony Edwards our future will be just fine.

It has been a tough series my fellow Wolves fans but remember one thing, Anthony Edwards is on our team. As long as we have Ant we have a chance. Just figure out how to build this around him and future will be alright. Till next time Wolves fans!