Anthony Edwards Claims He Could Play Hockey

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Timberwolves’ 2020 first overall draft pick Anthony Edwards was interviewed by Marney Gellner recently and oh boy it was interesting…

Edwards is very confident in himself as an athlete even to go as far as saying he could hold his own on the ice. According to a post-PuckEmpire (my most trusted source for hockey news), Edwards expresses he believes this to be true.

I’m just going to go on a limb and say that is false, even though the lifelong Penguins fan in me agrees with him being better than Jack Johnson, but also think why the hell not? Maybe the Wild should toss him a little money to go see if he can live up to that. I mean let’s just give him whatever we gave Galchenyuk, it’s not like that was money well spent (or worth losing Zucker for). I for one thinks Anthony Edwards should get a shot at playing in the NHL.

He also said he would excel at any sport… so let’s also suit him up for the Vikings and see if he can hit a field goal!