Anthony Edwards dunk

Anthony Edwards Did WHAT?!


Holy. Shit.

When I tell you I sprung off my couch watching this happen last night…

Stop the count, shut it all down cause this Anthony Edwards dunk is the dunk of the year. I’ve been a Minnesota Timberwolves fan since I was two years old, and this is the wildest play I’ve ever seen a Wolves’ player make. And the funny thing is, I say that at least once a month about something Anthony Edwards does on a basketball court.

I understand throwing it off the backboard in an All-Star game or a blowout, but to pull this off down four points late in the third quarter is insanity. That’s Anthony Edwards for you. And not only will this dunk be on every social media post for the next week, it sparked a Wolves comeback victory for their 30th regular season win. First place in the West, best defense in the NBA and it’s only January. Someone pinch me. The Minnesota Timberwolves are pacing to finish with 60 wins. SIXTY!!!

Make Ant-Man an All-Star

Speaking of All-Star games, why the hell is Ant not top three or four in All-Star voting?!

Ant already said that his All-Star nomination last year doesn’t count because he was nominated as a backup due to injuries. I don’t know what else people need to see. He’s averaging 26 points, five rebounds and five assists per game shooting 46% from the field and 38% from three while also being an elite perimeter defender. AND his team is in first place in the Western Conference. AND Anthony Edwards just threw down the sickest dunk of the year.

It’s hard to argue against Luka, Steph and Shai as the top three guards in the West right now, but you’re living under a rock if you think James Harden and Kyrie Irving are better than Anthony Edwards. That’s blasphemy. The fan vote only counts towards half of the NBA All-Star voting so he is not out of the race, but us Wolves fans will revolt if he is not selected this year. That’s a promise.

Go vote for this man! And throw KAT and Gobert in while you’re at it.

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