Anthony Edwards Netflix

Anthony Edwards In the Upcoming Netflix Series Will be Absolute CINEMA


Hell yes! Netflix is yet again blessing Minnesota sports fans with another inside access to one of our beloved superstars. It can be frustrating being a fan of small market sports franchises because even when our teams have success, it seems like they never get any national media attention. Watching Kirk Cousins on Netflix’s “Quarterback” series was incredible, especially getting to see him navigate the improbable season the Vikings had last year. But you can take that excitement and double it with this upcoming NBA documentary, because behind the scenes access to Anthony Edwards is going to be absolute CINEMA.

A Complete 180 of Personalities

I don’t think you could get more polar opposite personalities on TV than Kirk Cousins and Anthony Edwards. And let me tell you, I’m here for it. Ant is not only one of the NBA’s budding superstars, but he is absolutely hilarious when you put a camera in front of him.

Like I said, CINEMA.

The Work Ethic and Dog Mentality

Ant’s personality alone is extremely entertaining, but what I’m most excited to watch from this series is the behind the scenes of his preparation and mentality when he’s on the court. From the few years he’s been in Minnesota, it’s evident the kid works his ass off and is already the leader of this Wolves team at 22 years old. I loved watching Kirk Cousins meeting with the team psychologist and seeing how he recovers and prepares for his games week to week. It will be interesting to see how Ant operates both on and off the court and get a peak into how he functions at such a high level night in and night out.

We’ve seen from his postgame interviews and other media appearances that he has that Kobe, LeBron and Jordan mentality when it comes to playing basketball. It’s what makes him such an elite talent in the NBA and I can’t wait for Wolves fans to get a deeper look into that.

Sneak Peak Into the Best Wolves Season in Two Decades

All things considered, this is by far the best Wolves team we have seen since the Kevin Garnett days. We have suffered through basketball hell in this state for so many years, and finally having a team that is talented and mature enough to compete with the best in the league is a breathe of fresh air. Netflix picked the perfect time to shed some light on this team and our best player, and I can’t wait to watch it from behind the scenes.

And who knows, maybe by the time this series comes out, we are reliving the Wolves’ first NBA championship.