Anthony Edwards Is A Beautiful Man And Terrific Player

NBA Timberwolves

Some of you may have read a blog or some tweets of mine that would indicate that I think the Timberwolves fucked up by drafting Anthony Edwards first overall. (If you didn’t read them, what are you doing? You should be reading all my content.)

I am here to tell you, despite all of the evidence, that is simply untrue. You did not read that blog or those tweets because I love the pick… it’s the best

The Timberwolves selected the best player ever to play basketball. Michael Jordan? Lebron James? Never even heard of those scrubs. Who cares if Edwards prefers football to basketball. (Editor’s Note: Is he any good at QB? Asking for a friend). So do I! He’s just like me! So relatable! It’s so great to have a star that fans can relate to.

“But what about the benihana stuff?” you ask in your whiny little bitch voice. To that I say, holy shit this dude is stupid everyone learns at a different pace. Who are we to judge anyone?

All those concerns about what he said to ESPN? Didn’t you see what he said two weeks later after lots of training from his agent to clarify? Besides, he is called Ant-Man! Like Paul Rudd! Everyone likes Paul Rudd! Hopefully this nickname doesn’t mean he gets small in big situations… (Editor’s Note: file this away, we might need it later).

Anthony Edwards in… Ant Man!

At the end of the day, Anthony Edwards has a ton of skill, athleticism, and appears to be a good dude. We love that here in Minnesota! We can fix the belief that maybe he doesn’t love basketball, trying, or playing defense, just look at all that natural talent.


Nevermind. The blog and tweets may have been correct. Why is it that we can never have nice things in Minnesota?